There was a time when only patients admitted to a hospital would get IV drip therapy treatments. These days, a large number of people who are conscious about their health opt for IV hydration therapy to receive the kind of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and medications that are essential for the proper maintenance of your body.

A vitamin infusion results in your body getting a bunch of nutrients straight into the bloodstream. IV therapy has countless health benefits and this is why it is preferred by so many people today. If you are planning to undergo IV therapy in San Diego, you should get in touch with Livv Wellness Lounge.

Here are four benefits of opting for IV therapy:

Drives Away Hangover Symptoms

Waking up on a Monday morning with a hangover is not only bad but also scary. After all, you need to head to your workplace and for that, you need to get rid of the hangover symptoms quickly. If you are suffering from a very bad hangover, opting for IV therapy would prove to be a suitable option for you. 

There are many individuals who show up for work regularly with a hangover. Even if nobody notices it, you can be sure about it affecting your job performance. Some of the most common symptoms of hangover are dehydration, excessive thirst, headache, brain fog and nausea. After undergoing IV therapy, you will get rid of all these symptoms.

Cleanses Free Radicals and Toxins

Just like the external part of your body needs to be cleaned regularly, your internal system, too, needs to go through a cleansing process at regular intervals. When you opt for IV therapy in San Diego, you come across several processes and methods to make the internal organs of your body feel clean and healthy.

Some of the most popular cleansing options in cleansing therapy involve the use of vitamin C, alpha-lipoic acid and glutathione. Vitamin C, as most people would know, is an antioxidant that safeguards your immune system and contributes greatly to your well-being. Glutathione proves to be effective in lowering the level of oxidative stress.

Accelerates Weight Loss

You need to put a lot of time, energy and effort into losing weight. However, if you follow the right method or approach, you can lose a lot of weight in a short span of time organically. A large number of people, in fact, try IV therapy in a bid to lose excessive body weight. 

When you opt for IV therapy to lose weight, you will be provided with three important supplements, alpha-lipoic acid, carnitine and lipotropic injections. While carnitine is known to be an essential nutrient, alpha-lipoic acid works as a strong antioxidant. Lipotropic injections help tremendously in burning body fat.

Controls Anxiety

The term ’therapy’ is often associated with something that helps you get rid of anxiety. One of the many benefits offered by IV therapy is that it helps you deal with anxiety. Undergoing IV therapy in San Diego proves to be one of the most reliable ways to drive away the symptoms of anxiety and restlessness. 

When you go for IV therapy to cure yourself of anxiety, you will be provided with magnesium sulfate. It can be best described as an electrolyte that contributes towards lowering blood pressure and making one feel calm. Apart from that, it will also lend good support to your immune function and make your muscles feel relaxed.