A VPN (Virtual Private Network) keeps your Internet connection private even when using a public Wi-Fi network. When shopping online, you’ll need the best free VPN on public Wi-Fi when gaming, streaming, traveling, or wanting some privacy.

Best Free VPN

It currently offers a free version with access to 16 servers and a 700 MB data bandwidth restriction so consumers can see what iTop VPN has to offer. iTop VPN paid membership grants you access to over 1,800 servers in over 100 locations worldwide, all of which are dedicated to providing their customers with security, privacy, and secure access to geo-restricted content.

 It is attracting the attention of VPN users from all over the world. 20 million users have downloaded its apps for Windows, Android, and iOS.

Features of iTop free VPN

IP Protection and IP Checker

IP Shield replaces your IP source with a VPN server to mask your actual IP address effectively and prevent your location or identity from being revealed. Additionally, the IP Checker tool works with IP Protection to provide users with real-time information about their online status.


iTop VPN is a military-grade encryption standard used by governments, militaries, sensitive businesses, big banks, and intelligence agencies. This encryption encrypts your Internet traffic at the highest level possible, making it impossible for anyone or anything to crack it. This type of encryption is unbreakable even by the world’s supercomputers.

No Logging Policy

When you use a VPN, you are handing over control of your Internet traffic and online activities to the VPN veloce service provider, which means your privacy is constantly at risk. That’s why iTop VPN has a strict no-logging policy, ensuring that none of the users’ information is saved, stored, or collected.

iTop VPN speed and performance

Even the free edition of iTop VPN maintains impressive performance. According to the iTop VPN official website, if we subscribe to their paid membership plan, we will enjoy 10x faster speeds as it will enable all the fastest servers and access them.

 . It is also a great pleasure for all users because they have more than 1,800 servers in more than 100 places.

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Save mode

SafeGuard mode is specifically designed for safe Internet browsing. Improve your privacy and security, install ad blockers and continue to monitor your computer for viruses and harmful software.

Game mode

Gaming mode is the final variant offered by iTop VPN. This mode speeds up your VPN experience and pushes the VPN performance to the limit as the VPN is fully designed for flawless gaming and streaming. It also protects your identity and prevents all forms of DNS attacks from enraged online gamers.


Migliore VPN gratis includes additional features that can make life easier for users. You can use features like browser privacy, security booster, ad blocking, and DNS protection to solve your privacy issues and prevent intrusive ads for a better user experience. Overall, it’s a great VPN whether you use their paid or free versions.