Is Canadaready for a nostalgic trip? Are Canadian shoppers ready to be surrounded in red interiors, value-for-price goods at the one stop retail store for all their shopping needs? HBC confirms this.

Hudson Bay’s Company intends to bring Zellers back on its soil in a refreshed experience, beginning in 2023. HBC will be offering a new online experience, in addition to physical stores. So we keep looking for ” is Zellers Coming back“.

What happened to Zellers?”

After the pandemic that struck in 2020, two of 300 Zellers stores were closed. HBC issued a press release about the stores’ revival on August 17, 2022. This announcement follows news of Zellers popping-ups in Burlington, Ontario, and Montreal.

Canadians used to shop at Zellers in their prime years, the late 1990s or early 2000s. For modern Canadian shoppers, the news brings back nostalgia.

Because of the gradual closing of Zellers stores, the answer To “When Did Zellers Close” was unclear. However, the last part of the question has been answered. The Zellers retail stores across the country will be expanded and set up in 2023.

What’s new in the new Zellers?

HBC promises a revival for Zellers outlets. The retail chain will be able to access its nationwide network, including brick-and mortar locations, and will also set up an e-commerce shop. The number of retail outlets that will be launched and the floor area for each store have not been revealed. However, these estimates mirror the Burlington pop up shop.

Is Zellers Coming Back?

This isn’t a question without an answer. In the official press release, a list of utilities is mentioned. They will be offered in categories such as houseware, furniture toys, clothes, clothing, and pet accessories. These products will maintain the integrity of Zellers’s product quality and value-for price policy.

Zellers’ home label will provide a design-led, value-driven product selection. It is expected that this private brand will gradually introduce apparel. The physical locations will be established in major cities across Canada. Official mention has not been made of the signature diner and restaurant, mascot, and intercom that were attached to Zellers to Hip.

Final steam to Canada

HBC’s Chief Operating Officer, David Bohm, explains how Zellers was rooted in Canadian experiences. Zellers will be revived and sustained by the Canadian community which used such stores to buy their everyday needs.


Canadians will witness the return to life of Zellers, their favorite retail chain, in early 2023. The announcement comes after the opening of Zellers popup shops was announced at several locations. There’s no doubt that ” Zellers is Coming Back.” A follow-up e-commerce site will be opened.

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