Learn about a fraudulent website offering products for less than $1. By knowing is Zara Fashion Co Legit or not, protect yourself from being swindled.

What is fashion to you? Today fashion, dress sense is an essential aspect of a first impression. People tend to evaluate you based on your attire. This is why it’s important to dress in accordance with the occasion.

If you believe your clothes help you express your true self If you are interested in going to Zara Fashion Co. United States-based Zara fashion Co. However, before you do that, you need to be aware is Zara Fashion Co Legit or not.

Is This Website Trustworthy?

To ascertain the legitimacy of the website We have thoroughly analyzed the following information

  • Registration Details: 11-09-2021
  • Domain Age Domain Age: 16 days only
  • Legality of Address: There is no address in the database.
  • Contact Information The contact information is not given.
  • Policy Details:
  • Payment Modes: Google pay and Credit Cards are accepted
  • Owners: Owners’ information is not accessible on this website.
  • Plagiarism: A modest amount of duplicate information is available on the site
  • Trust Score: 1%
  • Server Location: United States
  • Reviews: All of the Zara Fashion Co Reviews are negative
  • Social Media: We can’t discover any social media links associated with the company.
  • The discount offered are listed on the website have an average price of $0.50 that is astonishment.

It is clear that the site is a fraud. Its inflated price offering along with its low trust rating and the absence of information collectively prove the fact.

Overview Of The Website

Zara Fashion Co. Zara Fashion Co. is a clothing line for women that is operated digitally. Do not mistake it with the famous fashion label Zara and there’s a an incredibly slight distinction in the name, which could be easily missed.

In our search for the answer to whether Zara Fashion Co Legit or not, we learned that this site sells clothing and accessories. There is no additional information about the brand. Furthermore, all of the products offered on the site are less than $1, which seems to be absurd.

Specific Details

  • Link Address: https://zarafashion.co/
  • Contact Number: Not given
  • office address: None of the information can be found
  • Email Id: There’s no email address.
  • Delivery Methods Standard or Express Shipping are two methods available.
  • Shipping Costs: Variable depending on the shipping method and address
  • Shipping Zone: The site can deliver international orders.
  • Zara Fashion Co Reviews There are no negative reviews of this online shopping site.
  • Returns Requests: This website indicates the return time as being 30 days
  • Return Method: It’s not listed.
  • Refund Costs: Your company will cover the cost of returning the item only if you receive the wrong item or a defective one.
  • The Refund Policy: They guarantee the possibility of a 100% refund
  • Cancellation Policy: There’s no reference to it.
  • Exchange: There is no exchange offered in this regard.
  • Optional Payment Methods for Paying: You are able to pay with Google Pay or credit cards.
  • Social Media: This site doesn’t have a live social media account, so it does not invalidate the issue”Is Zara Fashion Co legit?” Are Zara Fashion Co Legit ?

List of Pros

  • The website offers information on every product
  • Size charts are available to help buyers
  • A 30-day return policy for returns is accessible
  • The site guarantees to provide a full refund in the event of a return

List of Cons

  • The procedure for returning the item is not easy to understand.
  • There is a lot of mandatory information that is not on the site
  • The exchange and cancellation policies are not in place
  • Two payment methods are available.
  • All reviews are negative
  • The prices of the items are highly suspect

Is Zara Fashion Co Legit As Per Customer Reviews?

When we tried to determine the buyers reacting to this brand new online shopping platform we discovered that there was no reviews section on the official website. This raised our concerns that it could make you into the person who is a victim to Credit Card Fraud.

After further research, we came across a few negative reviews on the site’s Facebook Page. All of them confirm the online retailer to be a fraud website. The public has been deceived by the site.

Final Verdict

Our investigation into is Zara Fashion Co Legit found that the online store isn’t at all reliable. The price alone is a sign of the fraud.

Additionally, the reviews of buyers clear that this fraudulent site has taken their money. This is the reason we suggest you stay clear of the website. Also, you should be aware of what you can do to Refund your money from fraudsters using PayPal.