US residents receive SMS from the website asking them to pay for a shipment they never ordered. Now they want to know if the text message is legit or a scam.

Fraudsters and scammers use logos and names of popular companies to lure recipients and steal their cards and personal information with a new text scam.

The text message contains an online payment link on the questionable page where recipients have to click and pay for delivery. Let us find out what the X3fov Info Scam is all about!

What is the scam?

The scam is a pending text message scam that is circulating in the United States and targets innocent residents with the purpose of stealing their credit card and personal information for later misuse.

Americans regularly receive a text message from asking them to pay a shipping fee to deliver their package. Failure to do so results in the return of the package to the sender. The X3fov information scam targets a lot of people.

Now residents are confused and want to know what the package scam is all about and why they have to pay the shipping fee if they didn’t order anything. They target people in different ways by sending messages using the same URL.

What messages are scammers sending?

• “The shipment has a pending shipping fee of £ 1.45. You can click the link to make a payment. Failure to pay would result in the package being canceled and it will be sent back to the sender. ‘

• “The delivery of the package has been changed. Click on the link to confirm ”.

How to recognize the text of the X3fov information scam?

There are several ways to detect fake text messages, and with little research and evaluation, they can be easily detected and kept safe.

• If the text message is from a random number and asks you to click links or download attachments, the text message is a scam.

• Text messages will ask for immediate action.

• Also asks for financial and personal details to be reconfirmed.

Here are some ways to detect fraudulent text messages. If you receive random X3fov Info scam messages, please report it immediately.

What do recipients of the fake news need to say?

We evaluated on the web and found many comments from text message recipients. Many recipients have confirmed that this is fake news and a scam and should not be taken into account.

Some message recipients have confirmed that the random scam text is from the USPS, and some have confirmed that they have received fraudulent messages on behalf of Google. The scammers also targeted people by luring audiences with lottery winning messages based on Walmart receipts.

Recipients shared the messages they received and confirmed that it was a scam.


X3fov Info Scam is a new text message scam targeting Americans. The site was also established on April 13, 2021 and has a Trust Index of 1%.

Fraudsters attack people in various ways to steal their financial details and personal details. Anyone who has received random messages from must report them immediately and avoid such scams.