Is Tikick.RU Legit? It is easy to determine through the review below, which includes policy information as well as reviews, details on promotions Pros and cons, and more.

Are you searching for new sites to purchase designer shoes? Have you visited Tikick.RU online seller website? Tikick.RU is a footwear selling website, offering the latest, stylish and elegant shoes collection from the top brands in the world for all major countries which includes America. United States.

If you’re impressed with their catalogue and are deciding to purchase, here’s an inquiry for you: Are you confident in the authenticity of their catalog? Have you checked it out? If not, go through the rest of this article to determine what you can do to determine is Tikick.RU Legit or a fraud designed to swindle innocents-

Investigating Tikick.RU credibility:

You can easily find it this listthe following list

  • The trust factor will be built over the passage of time. But, this website is brand new and was launched on June 9, 2021.
  • Based on the top index checking tool the tool has not produced the average score, just being one hundredth of a percent.
  • Address verification was unsuccessful because it’s not available on Tikick.RU.
  • The raw whois information is insufficient but the domain name that was registered is TIKICK.RU
  • Only one method of payment.
  • An Instagram account is active, however visitors can’t get an Tikick.RU Comments
  • A further interesting point is that the website was blocked from access by robots.txt which doesn’t permit us to examine on the SEO Off-Page.
  • The website has an account that is valid on the platform for community.
  • The terms and conditions on the website are not visible.
  • Owner details are hidden.

Therefore, it’s understandable that this isn’t a new concept on the market of e-commerce However there are some red flags also being detected. Therefore, Tikick.RU can’t be declared an online store that is secure. Let’s close by reviewing the other.

Introduction of Tikick.RU:

Tikick.RU is a shoe-selling online portal. But, Is Tikick.RU Legit? To find out, we carefully examined the website and discovered that users will receive the best-branded sneakers that claim to please all customers (Including United States, UK and Europe) with top-quality merchandise and service. The catalog is a wide range of items, ranging from Nike, Adidas, Off-White to Channel, Air Jordan, Yeezy.

Apart from the sneaker collection Here, visitors can have trendy collections of sandals. Details about the product have to be more precise. However there is a size chart accessible. There is also an opportunity to win coupon codes to every customer.


  • Link:
  • Comments: Tikick.RU Reviews are available.
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Corporate Address: Not available.
  • Phone Number 08246150827 (What’s application number)
  • Delivery Charges The charges are calculated at checkout.
  • Shipping Policy: International delivery can be completed within 5-10 working days.
  • Return: The buyer will be given the 7 days to return.
  • Refund: The refund process begins within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Cancellation: Not available.
  • Exchange: Once the transaction will be accepted. After the exchange is complete the exchange takes around seven working days.
  • The payment process is PayPal only.
  • Instagram’s social media profile is now available.

What are the benefits buyers gain?

  • Shoppers can buy from the latest and most popular collection.
  • When searching for whether Tikick.RU Legit or not It’s been discovered that premium products from reputable brands can be bought.
  • In addition to the sneaker collections The sandals collection, which is versatile, is available.
  • Service for global shipping is available.
  • A social profile that is valid.
  • Reviews are available.

What’s the disadvantages of this site?

  • The index isn’t a good thing.
  • Address information isn’t provided.
  • The whois information isn’t completely complete.
  • Operator information is concealed this is a major red warning.
  • The cancellation policy can be accepted or not, but it isn’t verified due to the absence of data.
  • The payment process is single.

Customer’s opinion on “Is Tikick.RU legitimate?’

On this website there aren’t any reviews currently. However, an Instagram link was found which led us to its Instagram profile. It has been able to attract more than 1354 followers. Additionally, there are more than 150 post posted until now. However, no reviews have been found. However, the articles have received a lot of likes and a few have received comments that have people asking about the cost.

So, if you’d like to buy trendy footwear and sneakers and you are looking for a good deal, go for any old and well index site. Additionally, you are aware of the steps for how to request an amount of money back from your card in the event of fraud.


Is Tikick.RU Legit? The website appears suspicious and it needs time to grow its reach to a wider audience. Additionally, the website needs to disclose address information and requires a higher index, and has to define its policies and terms. Do you think that you are one of the victims of the PayPal scam? Learn to be secure. Buyers should do their own research before making a purchase. Did this article help you? Please comment below.