Are you tired of your boring old T-shirts? Do you want something different and unique? This is the place to go if you are looking for T-shirts with special prints and unique messages.

Although the shopping domain is located in the United States of America, people are curious whether Kaiserrosina is a scam or legit. Follow our blog to get all the details.

Source: – A faithful shopping website

  • This shopping website was registered on July 27, 2022. It is a 2-month, 9-days-old domain.
  • Only 1 % trust rating is achieved by the online shopping site.
  • We keep track of a valid contact number.
  • The contact sheet includes the physical address of the shop.
  • The most prominent social media icon is missing.
  • Alexa ranks it #6896208.
  • It conceals the identity of the website holder.
  • Buyers have the option to read each strategy on their own pages.
  • Are online purchaser Kaiserrosina Reviews found? No
  • Within 30 days, you can return the product.
  • Within 10 days, your refund will be deposited in your account.

What’s, a digital shopping platform, sells T-shirts of the highest quality. Trendy and fashionable T-shirts are available at a reasonable price. The main objective of the website is to provide high-quality products that satisfy its customers.

Its unique product features include the ability to offer unique prints that will attract buyers. However, Is Kaiserrosina Scam? Or Legitstudy the key points.

Required detail for –

  • Website type for online shopping It is part of the busy T-shirt industry.
  • An online shopping site has been registered on27/07/2022
  • The online shopping website will close on-27/07/2023
  • URL of shopping website–
  • Email Id[email protected]
  • Call-on– 424-356-1803
  • Existing physical address- 11543 West Columbine Drive, El Mirage, AZ 85335, United States
  • Shipping strategy –Transit Time is 5-10 days
  • Delivery terms- It uses port express to deliver your order.

Based upon Kaiserrosina Review , consider its pros-

  • You can get branded printed t-shirts made with high quality cloth material.

Cons for the website-

  • The name of the owner has not been revealed by the developer.


Kaiserrosina sells a wide range of trendy T-shirts. Our research shows that it doesn’t have a web page on any of the major digital platforms, such as social media. We did not receive any feedback about it which raised trust concerns. Learn About PayPal Scams.

The Final Assumption –

It has a trust score of 1 %, which is the lowest among all trusted scores. Is Kaiserrosina a scam or legit? No. Buyers should learn more about the item before they buy it. You can also read for more information about Credit Card Scams.