Robot Vacuum cleaners have become an essential asset in most households. Their design, advanced functioning, and comfort are unique. Yet, do you know there is something else also that can further ease your life? To your surprise, there is even a thing called cordless vacuum cleaners. 

Viomi provides its best manufactured Aeolus 9 (abbreviated as A9)Cordless Vacuum cleaner to the cleaning freaks. It holds multiple advanced features, ensuring a more convenient cleaning solution for its time. Let’s scan the Viomi A9 vacuum deeply to analyze the foremost features that make this vacuum worth buying. 

  1. Highly efficient performance 

Viomi A9 vacuum assures efficient cleaning performance to the consumers. You can handheld it everywhere, ensuring your convenience. You don’t even have to add maps or save floor plans in your brain. Grab the vacuum and clean any floor plan you own, ensuring precise cleanliness and convenience. The vacuum also has an LED light implanted on the brush head, making it easier to detect and clean the minute dust particles. Surprisingly, this Viomi cordless vacuum cleaner ensures 99.95% filtration of the particulates, leaving behind a fresh and hygienic environment. 

  1. Greater suction power 

Viomi A9 cordless vacuum cleaner incorporates a suction prowess of around 23000PA with 120AW power. It enables the vacuum to suck even the minute and stubborn pet hairs or dust particles. When the vacuum sucks these particles, they get separated into different departments to avoid air duct clogging. 

  1. Removable Li-on battery

Viomi A9 comes with a removable battery that you can easily do within 3 minutes. It holds Li-on batteries. So these don’t add much to its weight. You can remove the battery to charge it and replace it with the charged one to make it function more effectively. Viomi A9 vacuum has a 2500mAh battery that runs for around 60 minutes and covers a distance of 200㎡ or 2150ft² on one charge. 

  1. one-in-four nozzle vacuum 

The four-head brushes enable the cordless vacuum cleaner to clean every nook and crook of your place. It reduces the hassle of buying vacuums with different brushes for distinct purposes. These four nozzles are a Soft dusting brush for cleaning keyboards and RAMs, a Crevice tool that cleans narrow gaps and corners, a Mini motorhead to clean mattresses and sofas, and a soft roller nozzle that cleans several floor plans. It is also light-in-weight. So you can clean the ceilings and cupboards of your house. It also facilitates cleaning the car rugs. 

  1. Cyclone filtration system 

Viomi A9 also has a 5-cyclone filtration system that efficiently separates the dust from the air. Therefore, it ensures no duct clogging or release of polluted air. The HEPA has aided in generating this powerful 5-level filtration system that releases air free of any particulates. 

  1. Three cleaning modes 

For good measure, the Viomi A9 vacuum also offers three different cleaning modes to meet the client’s requirements. Max mode is to clean the large particles, standard mode ensures deep cleaning of the mites, and energy-saving mode, as the name suggests, ensures thorough cleaning facilities powered with power-saving advantage. 

  1. One touch system

Considering the user convenience, Viomi A9 offers a one-touch system to perform the operations. You can slightly touch the button to let it start cleaning and empty the bin with one click. Its lightweight makes it easy to carry around without having strains. 


Although stranded corded vacuums offer several benefits, cordless vacuum cleaners have become popular due to their efficient functionality. Besides, the most beneficial aspect is it is wireless and handheld. So, you won’t trip off the chairs or table corners by knocking the cords with it. Viomi A9 cordless vacuum cleaner is then the preferable vacuum to have.