Errors, leaving players unable to properly get Fortnite, Rocket League and other matches.

Players were instead hit by Login errors and were not able to register on.

Epic said on Twitter that it Was aware of the issue and has been working to repair it.

Official shop status website said that it had been aware of”authentication problems”, that the problem had been identified and that a repair was on its way.

It noticed that the login

But some gamers Complained they’d already taken dramatic steps in an attempt to get around it, with one saying they’d believed the issue was using their PC, and that they had deleted their matches in an effort to fix it.

There didn’t in Fact appear to be any easy way to avoid the problems, beyond awaiting Epic to correct the problems with its own systems.

The Epic Games Shop is a digital market for games that is available on both Windows and Mac. Players can buy games — such as Fortnite — throughout the store, Then launch them out of Epic’s own launcher, if it’s working correctly.