Many sneaker enthusiasts wonder whether StockX is legit. What exactly does StockX offer that other shoe auction sites cannot match? Here, we look at its authenticity guarantee, pricing, and authenticity centers. We also discuss Nike’s legal battle with the site. Continue reading to find out if StockX sneakers are really legit. Also, check out our full review website of this sneaker auction. We look at the benefits and downsides of StockX.

StockX’s authenticity guarantee

If you’re a sneakerhead, you probably already know that you can’t buy authentic Nikes, but the StockX authenticity guarantee for Stockx Sneakers Air Jordan is a much better option. The company promises to inspect each product before it leaves its warehouse. This company, which is valued at $3.8 billion, has several authentication sites worldwide. According to its website, it has checked 30 million products and prevented $60 million worth of counterfeit sneakers from reaching their purchasers.

But Nike has already gotten involved in the case, and they’ve filed a lawsuit against the resale marketplace over its fake Nike Air Jordan sneakers. Originally, Nike claimed that the NFTs sold by StockX violated its trademark. Now, they’re taking aim at the “Verified Authentic” label as well. As of this writing, Nike is yet to respond to the lawsuit, which is pending in federal court.

Nike’s legal battle with StockX

The latest lawsuit in Nike’s legal battle with StockX is over the use of fake sneakers. The company, which sells NFTs, uses the Nike name and trademarks to deceive consumers into thinking they’re buying a genuine product. However, a simple check of the blockchain will confirm that the fakes are not actually Nike shoes. That’s a good sign for the brand, but it still seems like a stretch to think the company is above the law.

A recent lawsuit between Nike and StockX has gotten even more heated. Nike has accused StockX of selling counterfeit sneakers and using its trademark without permission. However, StockX argues that the sneakers are authentic and sells them using a non-fungible token. StockX is a great way for sneaker enthusiasts to buy cheap sneakers. It is even possible to buy Nike sneakers with the help of this website. However, Nike says that StockX is still selling fakes.

Price of Stockx Sneakers Air Jordan 1 High

The Jordan 1 is one of the most iconic and popular shoes in history, with over 1500 pairs regularly trading on StockX. Its popularity and significance are unrivaled. As the sneaker that started it all, the Air Jordan 1 is the vanguard of sneaker fashion and is a staple of pop culture. To be sure, you must include at least one pair of the Air Jordan 1 in your collection.

StockX’s authentication centers

While the authenticity of Air Jordan sneakers is a hot topic among sneakerheads, there are many different ways to ensure that you’re getting the real thing. StockX’s authentication centers check for counterfeit glue, tissue paper, and other features that can be a giveaway to a fake pair. These experts also look for extra laces and other accessories that you can use to identify your shoes. In fact, one StockX customer even had a pair of fakes refunded after they reported it.

A StockX authentication center uses 25 to 30 indicators to distinguish authentic shoes from fakes. They also employ dozens of merchandise authenticators. The company started in February 2016 with a few employees, but today has more than 370 employees, with at least 40 working at its western U.S. authentication center in Tempe, Ariz., and two in New Jersey. Although StockX is claiming to be as meticulous as its customer reviews, some of its customers report a few days longer than expected.