Staple guns are used for fastening multiple types of materials, including fabrics like upholstery, wood, paper and much more. This simple but effective tool has been around since it was invented in the 1940s.

Is Stapler only used for stitching papers?

No. Stapler has various functions, but the most widely used one is for stitching papers together.

However, this tool has many other uses, such as binding, books, stitching fabrics, carpets, wood and even decoration purposes.

How does it Work?

The Stapler is one of the simple tools for binding things together. It is a mechanical device made up of a gun, which has a metal stapler and movable anvil. The Stapler consists of two thin metal sheets with the same size rubber band between them.

It works by pressing the top plate against the paper to pin it to an object below. It uses spring pressure or manual force to press its pads together and then compresses a staple through two pieces of paper and into whatever is underneath it.

Stapler’s design lets us use staples of varying sizes, depending on the thickness and type of paper we want to bind. Metal staples are fastened within the machine itself, which fires the pin into papers or books upon pressing the lever.

One more thing, safety is essential when working with staple guns. Wear goggles and protective clothing, including gloves and earplugs. Understand how to use the tool properly because any slight mistake can result in injuries.

Various Staplers are Used for Different Purposes

For most professionals and general users who do many stapling jobs, the heavy-duty staple gun is recommended. It uses regular 16 mm staples that can penetrate through wood panels or carpet fabrics.

Other types of staples include plastic staples or wedge wire. An electric staple gun is sufficient for less frequent use on light materials, such as thin wallpapers or upholstery fabric. Wedge wires are also used in this type of product to fasten items together.

For DIY’s who are looking to make their frames and other heavy wood objects, a wood staple gun is recommended. They’re designed with broad driving surfaces to drive the staples into irregular shapes.

Types of Staple Guns

There are several different kinds of staple guns. Finding the one that meets your needs depends on many factors, including the type of material you plan on stapling and the job to be done.

Before purchasing a staple gun, decide what sort of stapling job you are going to use it for and how large or small the projects will be. Below we explain the different types of staple guns.

Heavy-Duty Staple Gun

This type of staple gun is used for heavy-duty applications, such as stapling wood and concrete. It has an adjustable guide bar that allows you to position the tip at any desired location on the project surface. You can also adjust the guide bar according to the size and thickness of your materials.

Electric Staple Gun

It works without pushing down the handle, unlike the manual type, and there is no need for an air compressor either. You have to pull the trigger of this one-handed type when using it. The electric staple gun is perfect for lightweight materials like aluminum, upholstery fabric, carpeting etc., but cannot be used on hard surfaces or deep wall studs because these require more power.

Pneumatic Staple Gun

Due to high demand, this type often sells out quickly. It is capable of shooting metal staples with high power and precision. This type of staple gun has a rubber cushioned handle to provide comfort when working. You can use it on different surfaces such as drywall, wood, plastic, fabric etc. This type is almost comparable to an electric one.

Upholstery/Gun Tacker

The upholstery or gun tacker is excellent for anyone looking for a tool to do lightweight jobs like sewing or repairing furniture. The tool has a trigger with a non-marking tip, and it comes in different sizes; you would need to do some research before choosing one so that it suits your needs perfectly.

It can come in handy when you want to do some quick fixes. All you have to do is secure the object in place and pull the trigger. The main benefit of using this type of staple gun over a manual one is that it will provide a much quicker and easier way to complete your projects. There won’t be any need for constant re-positioning and reloading of staples.

Wood Staple Gun

This type of staple gun is excellent for anyone looking to fix furniture or wood pieces, such as outdoors structures. It can efficiently and quickly nail wood with ease.

It is instrumental if you are planning to work on building projects. The staples that the wood staple gun shoots have barbed wire attached to them. This helps in fastening material, and it prevents stripping of the nails or screws.

All of the staple guns have safety features to prevent accidental discharges and jams, and misfires that could cause injury.

Bottom Line

Using a staple gun might seem like a simple task, but you will only waste your time and money if you are using the wrong type or model. You’ll keep things over again.

To ensure you are using the right staple gun, identify the surfaces you would need to shoot staples. This will make your stitching work easy.