The comfort of sleep is often associated with a good mattress however, the pillow plays an important part, or the absence of a pillow is better according to new research that has stepped in the midst. The agonizing neck pain, palpitations, racing heart, and a tired self are all signals of sleep deprivation and at times, it all boils down the pillow. The lack of attention towards pillows in the olden days caused a rapid movement towards all the different sorts of pillows for various circumstances, however, what came as a surprise was that the lack of a pillow is what provides the best sleep. Get Relief from neck pain

The Science Behind The Comfort

Using a soft pillow pressurizes your neck muscles and even causes a decrease in blood flow towards your head. Whereas using a pillow too thick will cause a deformation along the spine and even lead to chronic back pain paired with immense headaches.

Taking the pillow out of the equation puts your body in a natural position where the back, neck, and head; rest at the same level preventing tension and blood from building up in the chest area. Furthermore, it will allow your back to extend and provide not only a refreshing feeling once waking up but also extend your age and improve your health in the short and long run.

Sleeping without a Pillow alleviates Neck Pain

As the case is with the human body and its natural tendencies, sleeping without a pillow returns the body’s natural sleeping system, paired with natural sleeping cycles that activate the circadian rhythms allows the body to not only heal but to improve upon that healing as the nature intended setting restores balance to the body.

How to adjust to the No-Pillow Route

A drawback that many people face and something that drives them away from a no-pillow route is the pain generated in the neck due to the sudden change. However, this can be avoided by settling into the practice step by step by moving from pillow to cloth to blanket to just sleeping on the mattress over at least a month will provide your body to adapt to the new style perking up with the benefits of this natural style.

This step by step path is to allow your existing neck pain to simmer down and prevent any new pain to resurface as the pillows are discarded off.


Sleeping without a pillow has its significant advantages and alleviates neck pain efficiently over the course of its use. It not only prevents immediate neck pain but also restricts spinal chronic illnesses to surface in the near future. There is ongoing research surrounding this topic with the results expected to tilt in their favor as the users point around towards the success. However, it is to be noted that if sleeping without a pillow brings immense discomfort and pain, a doctor should be contacted and the process should be halted.

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