Sky Glass is a single device TV solution – with no dish and no box required – except while the idea is solid, the execution isn’t quite as good as we would have enjoyed and there are still a lot of kinks to figure out. It unquestionably ought to improve, however, it’s not exactly there yet.

What Sky Glass isn’t, in any case, is an independent set-top box that can be swapped in to supplant your Sky Q box or the Sky Q smaller than normal boxes. Glass is, for sure, an incorporated TV product.

It offers a substantial connection 

Sky needed to establish a substantial connection with its first TV, so it resembles not many others available – however, it’s impressively thicker, not that this ought to put you off buying as it’ll probably be upheld against a divider in any case.

The actual TV can each be altered further through a different speaker grille cover that appends attractively on top of the grille that is as of now there. Also, similarly, as the organization used to do with the Sky Plus fashioner boxes, we can without much of a stretch see there being craftsman, film, and big-name connections later down the line.

What makes it stand out?

The box is on the countertop stands out and it matches the shade of the set. On the other hand, you can utilize the incorporated standard VESA-accommodating mount incorporated into the back to drape the set onto a divider. The stand is moderate most definitely, raising the TV off the surface by millimeters, and not at all like the iMac it doesn’t uphold turns for the calculated survey.

Due to the inherent speaker framework, the set is significantly fatter than the best in class TVs we’ve had in the workplace throughout the most recent few years, yet we don’t imagine that is something awful.

Everything is in a single program

Everything is incorporated into a single programming experience, including live TV, outsider apps, and all the on-request happy you might at any point probably care about.

The equipment is just a small piece of the general package. What makes Sky Glass additional extraordinary is its product. It will feel natural to the people who use Sky Q presently however has been overhauled to make content significantly more straightforward to find.

What are the other features?

Where Playlists or the new keep watching feature begin to get muddled is the point at which you include other outsider services. Disney+ as of now doesn’t provide continuous focuses to Sky so you can’t quickly get when you left off. 

Netflix does, however, if you need to add something to your Playlist you must be overhead connection point and not the Netflix one. 

We’re certain this will be figured out at last however right now it’s befuddling with regards to which service upholds which feature and for some, will nullify the point of this new smoothed out one connection point experience.

Sound and viewing experience

This is an across-the-board experience as opposed to permitting you to pick the best of the best from different producers, and all inside a cost imperative. Recollect that you’re getting a TV, a speaker framework, and a set-top box, in a single package at an extremely appealing cost.

It is really good!

While Glass does the best that it can to reproduce a good adjusted variety experience – whether you’re watching the most recent blockbuster, a football match, or simply your #1 cleansers – the tones aren’t as punchy or differentiating as we would like. It’s simply every one of the pieces cleaned out with blacks more dim dark than dark. Watching one of the many Marvel motion pictures on Disney+ nothing truly stuck out. The image is good, however, it does not take your breath away astounding.

And the sound is good too!

It’s something very similar to the sound. The coordinated Dolby speakers are good – surely a lift over what many have generally expected from a TV and as an inherent experience convey a big value for your money – however not good enough to convey a genuine film experience that you would get from a committed framework.

About the streaming puck

Understanding that a great many people have more than one TV in their home, Sky has made the Sky Stream puck. A small set-top box can be connected to your different TVs and give you a similar power as the Sky Glass TV however with your present setup.

The user interface experience is indistinguishable from that found on the Sky Glass set, and not at all like the Sky Q small boxes which offer a lesser experience to Sky Q, conveys overall similar usefulness – including 4K and Dolby Atmos support, insofar as you’ve got a TV that can uphold those organizations.

That is good as far as conveying similar ideas and experiences in different rooms around the house, however, it implies that it experiences similar issues we’ve noted before in this audit.

Where should you put it?

It’s your choice! However, we like putting a Sky Glass set in the room or kitchen (for which it would be awesome) and running the puck on your present almost certain bigger TV with its soundbar and the such in your parlor. 


As an idea, we love what Sky Glass is attempting to accomplish. For some, it will be an incredible method for getting different web-based features with little quarrel and all without the requirement for a dish establishment. The plan and approach are much the same as what Apple would make if it were to send off an independent TV.

Be that as it may, what Sky has conveyed doesn’t satisfy the idea’s true capacity. Glass is a lot of an original product and accordingly prone to issues things actually should be resolved.

Luckily, nonetheless, Sky is as of now bringing improvements. We’ve proactively gotten an update that has fixed some of our underlying worries – including improvements to the image quality and a couple of different bugs.