Everyone on this planet loves music. Music is one of the largest sources of entertainment of all time. There are many genres of music such as pop, jazz, classic, hip hop and rap music. Recently, Rap Music has gained great popularity around the world. Although the origin of the country of this music style is now the United States is now in the blood of every young man. Rap artists are loved around the world. In this article Is Shock G Still Alive, we will talk about one such artist.

Who is shock

Gregory Jacobs was an American rapper and a vocalist known as the shock of G. He was born on August 25, 1963 and spent most of his early childhood in Tampa in Florida. Initially, he started his career as a drummer, and in 1978 he won the title “most talented” in George Junior High School. He was mentored to become a stage artist by Cousin Rene Negron. Gregory shifted to Oakland in California, where he formed a digital underground along with his partner Chopmaster J.

What do you think what’s still growing?

Many people are broken down to hear that their favorite Gregory Jacobs star is not with them. The news about his fall was confirmed by his partner Chopmaster J for his post on Instagram. In his post Instagram, Chopmaster J published a tribute to his friend, and also described the journey 34, since they started a digital underground.

Chopmaster J and other artists on the internet also pay homage to the legendary artist. A young guru also twisted and said shock g was more than a figure. Shock G was a music genius. If you want to look at the views of people more about Is Shock G Still Alive, you can visit the link.

Some popular Gregory Jacobs albums

Although shocked is not between us, his creations will always remain with us. Here are some of the most popular songs you can listen on the internet. Songs are:

• Humpty Dance (digital underground 1990)

• Wikchup with love (digital underground 1990)

• I understand (Tupac Shakur)

• Kiss your back (digital underground 1991)

His Humpty Dance (Single) song was nominated for 33 annual Grammy awards.

Let’s see Some online reactions “Is Shock G Still Alive”.

After suddenly Gregory Jacobs on April 22, the internet took the storm, and all his fans and friends show condolences and paying tribute to legend. Lamentry people over his death; Danyel Smith writes that Gregian never wanted to lament people to death; Instead, he wanted people toast and parties.

Last words

The death of every artist is very shocking his fanbase. People think that someone from the family has gone. People want to know Is Shock G Still Alive? Unfortunately, it is not alive. The United States regret his death. But we can always listen to their songs and feel his presence.