If you’re familiar with Twitter, then you may have come across a few tweets about Shane Dawson so far. Twitter threads are flooded with hashtags on Dawson, ranging from “RIP Dawson” to “Shane Dawson died”, which also amass tons of retweets, views and likes in the US and UK.

However, those who still don’t remember Twitter and aren’t aware of Shane Dawson are being immortalized for what the news is about. Plus, fans are even trendy, Is Shane Dawson Alive after watching the tweets. Therefore, this article aims to clear up any doubts and give you a clearer picture.

Who is Shane Dawson?

To anyone unfamiliar with Shane Dawson, he is a YouTuber from America. He is also a writer, director, musician and actor. He actively used a video-sharing platform to study YouTube sensation in 2008-2020. In addition, he also became the first person to gain fame on YouTube, one of the largest video sharing platforms.

Starting his videos on YouTube in 2008, his channel had collected over a billion views by 2010. But why are Shane Dawson Alive’s tweets gaining ground on social media?

To reveal the same thing, we did a little more research and found this news. Please keep reading to find out what the news is about?

Some news about Shane Dawson

This is not the first time Shane Dawson has appeared on the news. Last year in 2020, the video sharing platform suspended monetization on all three Dawson channels. This was justified following public opposition to his previous comments, which were found to be controversial.

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Again in 2021, this infamous YouTuber made a comeback in the news of his dead. But is it true?

Is Shane Dawson alive?

First, Twitter’s latest trend is generating a lot of excitement for manipulating content. Shane Dawson is the last to fall victim to this trend, in which Shane Dawson’s hashtags have died, is spreading like wildfire.

However, the news itself is too good to be true considering Shane Dawson is alive and the tweets are only used to promote other things. It is also considered a tool for promoting artists through their fan camps. But is Shane Dawson alive? The answer is yes, it is, and the tweets themselves have nothing to do with it. Now let’s finish the post as below.


After checking other social networking sites and news sites, we came to the conclusion that the news is fake and a troll. Moreover, by carefully reviewing the tweets, we released it with no relation to the infamous YouTuber, but it only serves to draw attention to the tweet.

Thanks to Is Shane Dawson, Alive YouTuber has certainly been among the top trends of this week. However, the news is fake and untrue.

What are your views on the current Twitter trend? Do you think there must be some rules to stop fake news? Please put your comments in the box below.


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