The entire internet is flooded with rumors that Roblox is shutting down in February. This rumor left gamers in the United States and around the world indifferent and curious.

We know that this game made it easier and entertained for many players, and they enjoyed it so much.

But how far this rumor is true, let’s check.

Game brain:

Erik Cassel and David Baszucki are the brains behind this game, which came up with the idea, implemented it and presented it in 2006 to all players from the United States and other countries.

The game was quickly developed in Lua. Let’s find out about the rumor that Roblox shuts down in February.

This game empowered and allowed many players to create all kinds of fun games using the platform that could be accessed by many other players.

About the rumor

Rumor is swirling around every corner of the world saying Roblox will shut down.

However, similar rumors also surfaced a year ago, in 2019, when people heard the rumor and formed a group of 7,000 members, and the group was known as “Stop Roblox Before Closing”.

Is this rumor – is Roblox shutting down in February true or not?

When the rumor surfaced, the players were shocked as well, and then this group appeared on the scene. They advised other players and made them understand that Roblox will not shut down and is only here for everyone to play.

As explained above, fan groups made people understand in 2019 and also this year, a rumor is circulating on the internet.

When this rumor came out, Roblox developers mentioned it on their official Twitter account and said Roblox would not be shut down. It will be an additional tool for engagement and entertainment for fans.

They mentioned to fans that the rumor said Is Roblox Shutting Down in February and should not pay attention to such words; they don’t know the source, so don’t believe such stories.

Final verdict

The official Roblox team mentioned on his Twitter account that things are simple Roblox is not going to shut down.

This clears up the doubts in the mind of every gamer that Roblox will be there to keep them entertained and help them develop as much pleasure as they want.

This is a hoax and similar news that came out in 2019, for example, Is Roblox Shutting Down in February, which was a hoax at the time.