Are you a Pokemon lover and searching for websites that sell pokeyboosters, and other accessories? We are going to be reviewing a website located in the United States.

Many people are turning their noses up at the website’s deals. You can read the following article to find out Does Pokeybooster Really Work.

Does this website look legit?

There are many websites that are not trustworthy or authentic, as the market is growing. There are always doubts among those who have purchased products from a site. This site is reviewed based on factual information. Here are the details:

  • is a domain that was registered on the 19th of July 2021. This makes it a 2 week old website.
  • achieved a trust score of 6.6%
  • The website does not have any icons or links to social media.
  • We did not find Pokeybooster reviews available for this website.
  • Contact details are not mentioned
  • The address of the company is also not available
  • If your order exceeds $50, you get free shipping

What is, an online portal selling accessories and high quality products for Pokemon, claims to be able to offer affordable products. There are many products available on this website, such as pokemon booster boxes. Collectors chests. Trainer boxes. Premium collections. This website has basic policies, such as order cancellation, return, refund, or refund. This website has a trust score 6%, with no activity on social networks.

You can find more details and information based on is Pokeybooster Legit at the conclusion.

Specifications on

  • The official URL of the site is:
  • It is a young website, based on its 2 week old domain.
  • The website offers customers a 30-day replacement policy.
  • If your order exceeds $50, you get free shipping
  • Expected processing time between 1-5 days
  • Delivery of orders can take up 15 days.
  • Cancellation of orders is also possible.
  • Website does not include an official address.
  • The email address provided is [email protected]
  • Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards can all be used to pay.

Are you interested in finding out if Pokeybooster is legal? 

Benefits of using

  • This site offers a large selection of accessories and products.
  • The products are affordable.
  • Purchases above $50 qualify for free shipping
  • The SSL certificate that the website uses is valid.
  • The domain name can be accessed via HTTPS protocol.

Con’s of

  • There are no details about the company, such as owner details, contact details, or company address.
  • Cancellation of orders is possible within four hours after order placement.
  • Websites with an older domain cannot be trusted.
  • We are unable to see any activity from social media pages on this website.
  • Unfortunately, we were unable to gather reviews.

Pokeybooster reviews

Websites should be trusted by customers and others. Experienced customers will leave reviews that highlight the company’s services. All details such as delivery time, service provided by the company, policies, product quality, and other aspects are included in the reviews. These little details can help you spot the authenticity and legitimacy of a website.

However, we looked on many review platforms and other websites to find no reviews. This is understandable since the website is brand new and does not have a large user base.

Pokeybooster Legit or Scam?  We regret to inform you that this website is still new and does not have a large user base. There are also no reviews and low trust scores. It is strongly recommended that you stop using this website.


We have stated that you should not trust this website for your safety. We will also inform you that this website is not a scam. Are you sure Pokeybooster is legit? __S.60__ However, we advise you to steer clear of it.

We would love to hear about your experiences with the website.