The post discusses the question: Is Pearl Fernandez Still Alive to determine the truth behind the report.

The horrible loss of Gabriel Fernandez from California, United States, is not unnoticed by the world. This tragic death of an eight-year-old made quite a splash in the news and news story in 2013. The incident was the focus of people across the globe, from Canada from Australia.

The person accused of the crime was not a different person then Pearl Fernandez, who happens to be the mother of the victim. Then Pearl was incarcerated after being found guilty for the charges. Yet, she’s found on the news.

Is Pearl Fernandez Still Alive? Are they rumours or is there any evidence to support it? Read on to find out more.

Who is Pearl Fernandez?

Pearl Fernandez is the prime suspect as well as her lover Isauro Aguirre has been found guilty of allegedly assaulting and torturing an eight-year-old boy, which led to the child’s death. The mother-in-law of Gabriel Fernandez, who was declared dead on the 24th of May 2013.

According to sources the report, he was beaten and abused for a lengthy duration by her mom Pearl and her lover Isauro Aguire. Aguire was granted the physical custody of his parents.

But Is Pearl Fernandez Still Alive? Does it have any basis to the rumours that she was burnt to death in prison?

We’ll get to the core of reality at some point.

A Gist About The Case

Pearl Fernandez is Gabriel Fernandez’s mother. She and her lover Isauro Aguirre were given the physical custody of Gabriel. But, in the eight months that he was at the home of his mom, Gabriel was brutally abused and tortured mentally and physically. According to sources that he was beat on May 22, 2013, which led to his death in just two days.

Is Pearl Fernandez Still Alive ?

Pearl and her accomplice have been found guilty. In the end, while the jury handed down Isauro to execution and sentenced the defendant into San Quentin State Prison, Pearl was sentenced to life in prison without parole. According to the most recent update Pearl is in prison at the California’s Chowchilla State Women’s Prison.

What about the fact that she was burned in the prison? After conducting a thorough investigation, we were unable to discover any evidence or evidence to support the claim. So, it remains not clear.

According to reports that she admitted her guilt and was ordered by a juror to be imprisoned for life for the murder of the son she was born to. Therefore, the question is Pearl Fernandez Still Alive is not clear and definitely is a hoax story with no proof to back it.

Final Conclusion

Pearl Fernandez was accused of murder in the act of intentional and first-degree murder during the year 2013. When the mother of the victim admitted to the crime The jury sentenced her to life in prison without parole. According to reports she is currently in Cal’s Chowchilla State Women’s Prison.

There has been no official announcements made by prison officials or the media that confirms the demise of Pearl Fernandez. Thus, Is Pearl Fernandez Still Alive? is a definite yes and she’s still in prison. Learn more about the story here.

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