Lip glosses give you the most beautiful and radiant lip texture compared to any lip cosmetic. But, there are some things where lip balms and lipsticks fare better. Here the reasons are listed to go through to be more enlightened about the properties of lip glosses. Lip glosses serve your lipstick underneath, the perfect lease of life while projecting the lips into desirable pout. Check here on critik unbiased reviews for better grasp over lip care routines. And have those lush, pouting lips.

Know that only the best lip care routine involving the lip scrubs, lip cream and lip balms can render proper cleansing and hydration to your lips. Mere a wash with water cannot deal with the deposits of prior lip cosmetics, dead lip cells and dirt particles, impurities sticking to it from the air, food and drinks. Smoking, carbonated and concentrated alcoholic drinks certainly damage the appearance of your lips. Resort to more fluid intake in the form of water, fruit juices for proper body hydration. Lips get their share from this. 

Wanting features of Lip Gloss

  1. Hydration wise lip glosses lose to lip balms
  2. It’s life on your lips is for a few minutes only. Reapplication can be found to be a tedious task by longevity lovers
  3. Limited shades of sheen such as clear, frosting and metallic reign supreme in the lip care genre
  4. Lip gloss has a shorter shelf life. They expire sooner than the lipsticks and balms.
  5. Cannot share your lip gloss stick with others. It can transmit bacteria from one mouth to another very easily. Very obvious and contagious as well.
  6. Lip balm application for dry lips and then applying lip gloss for better shimmer is more popular. So the gloss is not a stand alone product. It is recommended to apply your balm before gloss.
  7. Reapplication is sometimes seen to make lips look drier. Strange, but true. Ask the regular users for more details. Experience speaks louder than the words.

But, these features are overshadowed by the glitter and sheen they render for your lips. They look so unique with its simple application that you always have a gloss stick in your handbag. It takes your facial beauty to another level altogether. The lips look hydrated and supple enough to be desired by your admirers. Get them swooning at the sight of you ladies!

Know your Lip Glosses

Lip glosses simply add some shine to your lip surface. It displays a plumping effect with little to no colour at all. Pigments are added to give you slight colours. The clear ones have no pigments. It is mostly popular amongst the teens and models of course. It makes you feel young again. The clear lip glosses go with any situation, formal or otherwise. While it becomes a personal choice to wear the coloured and metallic ones on any occasion. For a change in daily routine of lipsticks, the lip glosses are a luxurious but affordable alternative. Feel younger with even toned lips and celebrate that youth with the best to choose from critik unbiased reviews.

The gloss contains polybutene, lanolin derivatives, essential oils and vitamins. It is also available in various forms- semi-solid, gel and liquid formats offering glittery finish often challenging the hues of lipsticks. For temporary hits and celebrity like appearance, lip glosses are just the lip cosmetic you need over lipstick or over lip balms. It’s reapplication for longer times is what haunts your mind. Applying multiple times can render your lips yearning for more hydrants offered by lip creams and balms. Yet shimmer and shine is assured by glosses. Stand out with the glow and sheen coated plump lips. Voluptuous, succulent and other sweet adjectives to describe your lips is a dream come true with the gloss effect. 

Partners of Lip Gloss for Perfect Finish

Even though it is an indispensable lip cosmetic, it falls short on expiry, hydration capacity on multiple applications and it’s life on real lips. But without the care of the supporting-

  1. lip scrub
  2. Lip balms and 
  3. hydrating creams for overnight application; your lips will fail to harbour the gloss properly. For lipsticks, you need to outline your lips for better definition. 
  4. Lip liners 
  5. For smooth even toned lip curves, fill in your foundation on lips. Then only apply your lipstick over which you can apply the lips gloss. You can even skip the lipstick, to apply lip gloss directly over the foundation layer. That lets your product stay for longer periods of time than the usual applications.
  6. It is recommended not to lick your lips for glamourous shimmer on your lips.