You love the convenience of shopping online and saving big on your purchases. Light in the Box offers trendy online shopping and a variety of fashion clothes for modern buyers. The store is well-known for its hot sales and amazing deals that are attractive to many consumers in the United States.

The store is a specialist in fashion clothing, apparels, accessories and toys as well as lighting products. Many customers are still skeptical about shopping at the store, even though they have done extensive research to verify its legitimacy.

You might also be one of them. Continue reading to learn Is Light In the Box a Scam Web Site.

Light in the box: Legit or Scam?

Multiple factors are analyzed to confirm the store’s legitimacy. Take a look at the following points.

The domain was registered on the 10th of March 2006 by the store. It is still up for registration until the 10th of March 2029. Website also has a 30% low trust score due to mixed reviews, testimonials, and other consumer feedback.

The store has active pages on Facebook and responds to all queries promptly. It is therefore not possible to call the store a scam. Shopping is not a good idea.

Where’s the Light in theBox Located? The Address!

After looking through the website, we discovered a “Contact Us” section. However, the store did not share any physical address or confirm where it is located. Some websites and review portals confirm that the website is Chinese and operates from China. But the store is still serviceable in the United States.

The website has not shared any contact details, and social media pages share the email ID only, not the store’s location. It is not possible to confirm Where Is Light in The Box Located.

However, some review portals and users have confirmed that the store is located in China. However, it isn’t confirmed.

What is the Customer Reviews?

After our evaluation, we found that many shoppers have posted their shopping experiences online and provided testimonials. We received mixed reviews and the store was awarded a 4 star rating.

While many shoppers are happy with the experience, some are unhappy. Many customers left negative reviews, which confirmed poor customer service and poor product quality. Some customers are having problems with their dresses.

These mixed reviews have led to consumers looking for impartial answers to Is Light In the Box a Scam Web Site . Mixed reviews have been posted about the store, which has been open since 2006. While the store cannot be regarded as a scam, it is worth further investigation and analysis to make a sound decision.


Light in the Box offers online shopping for fashion, electronics toys, gifts, and fashion accessories. The store has been open since 2006 and serves worldwide customers. However, the website has been rated mixed with an average rating of 4-stars. Further research is required to find Light in the box a legitimate site.

After reviewing the site, you can conclude that it isn’t a scam. You should still do your research to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

What are your experiences with the website for shopping online? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.