Did you ever need a company or organization to assist you with data analysis or customer information.

LexisNexis is an example of such a corporation that is based in New York City. The website is an analytics and data company providing customers with decision tools and analytics. They offer Risk Solutions to government agencies and companies who are interested in fraud detection, customer acquisitions, investigation, receivables administration, etc. Continue scrolling to learn if Legit.

LexisNexis – What is it?

LexisNexis is a legal and professional service provider for law firms, government agencies, educational establishments, and corporations. The website claims to offer services throughout the America region (Argentina, Canada Chile, Mexico, Chile etc.

They also offer services throughout Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and other countries in the region, such as China, Korea and India, Taiwan, among others. Website has been rated with a 96% trust rating and a 100/100 score. These ratings make the website seem safe and secure. We advise customers to do some research. The domain was launched on 26th June 1997.

Lexisnexis Customer Reviews

Many people have been questioning whether LexisNexis is legitimate. The corporation claims it has a broad range of reliable sources of business information, including financial details of US and international companies through market research or government or private sources.

The feedback received by the corporation is mixed, according to several websites. Trustpilot reviews gave the corporation a score 1.9. Many customers have left negative feedback about it, including complaints about outdated products and poor services. Also, some users have searched for unknown things. Glassdoor’s LexisNexis Risk Solutions received a rating overall of 3.9/5. These ratings are left by employees.

Lexisnexis Commentson Yelp. 55 people gave them an overall 1/5 rating. Many have also complained about the outdated and incorrect information. Their customer service is poor.

Specifications by Lexisnexis

The website domain was launched on 26 June 1997. It will be expired on 24 June 2023. It is popular and has the HTTPS protocol.

Lexisnexis’ presence is established on major social media platforms. Call 800-543-6862 for assistance. They have offices all over the globe. Nexis’ business news and content spans more than 180 nations and contains data from 400 million company profiles.

Is Lexisnexis Legitremains a crucial question, even if the websites work on a large scale. It is easy to see that it appears to be a reliable organization based upon the numbers and stats on their website. Before proceeding, however, one must be incredibly confident.

Final Verdict

According to the trust score, rank and other indicators, the website is legit and appears not fraudulent. However, we can see from the reviews that customers have left negative, alarming and suspicious comments. Therefore, after thoroughly reviewing the website, we suggest that you engage with it.

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