Do you remember Lannam Neville-Eacott? Even though you might not recognize him by this name he is most likely familiar with Lazarbeam. He is famous in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Many people want the following information: Are Lazarbeam’s Dead? You will find all the answers in this post. This personality will be shared with anyone who isn’t familiar.

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Some people believe Lazarbeam no longer exists. However, it’s a rumor. He isn’t dead. He is leading a normal life. Recently, rumours circulated that the legendary gamer is now dead. This was false. We would ask you to not spread such rumours.

Is Lazarbeam Still Alive?

Lazarbeam’s followers were angry after learning of the sudden death. But it’s fake news that is spreading everywhere. He is still breathing. He is continuing to live his personal life. He is a well-known YouTuber, vlogger and gamer. He keeps in touch through his videos with his fans, which is why people love him so much.

Lazarbeam: Who are you?

Lannam Eacott, Lazarbeam’s real surname is Lannam N. Eacott. He was born in Australia on 14/12/1994. His professions include YouTuber, gaming, and Vlogging. He is also an Executive Producer in Lazer Team. His appearance in the film Free Guy was his only.

Why Is Lazarbeam Dead trending?

A number of online media outlets have reported that this young man, who was 27 years old, is now deceased. This is causing a lot of confusion on the internet. The cause of death is unknown to his admirers. However, it was later proven that it was just a rumour. He is fine, healthy, and doing well. It is wrong to spread such rumours.

Lazarbeam. Net Worth, Physical Characteristics

Lannan is approximately 5’8 tall with a weight of 65 kilograms. He is a serious fitness freak and enjoys a healthy lifestyle. His work revolved around gaming and YouTubers. Based on our research on Ist Lazarbeam Dead we found that his networth is approximately $ 4,000,000 His net worth is a result of the above mentioned activities. He has a YouTube channel that has over 20 million subscribers.


In conclusion, this post has all the details regarding Lazarbeam’s work life. This is why we shouldn’t believe false claims made by the media. He is enjoying a rich and healthy life. We hope that these rumors are not spread.

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