Lara Dutta is a beautiful and popular actress, so you wouldn’t think that she would need to use a dating app to start a new relationship and find love. But rumors have been going around that she is indeed on a dating app. This came as a surprise to some people, who wanted to know if the rumors were true. And genuine fans surely wanted to know the truth as well. As a result, Lara decided to give her side of the story.

So, is Lara Dutta on a dating app? Keep reading for the answer.

Lara Explained Everything on Instagram

To clear things up, Lara posted a short video on Instagram. Speaking into the camera, she explained that she had received a lot of messages recently regarding her profile being on a dating app. She does not point to any particular dating app, but you can tell by her tone of voice that is she is quite surprised by the rumor, and that she wants to clear things up right away.

Lara goes on to explain that she tried her best to respond to all of the messages that she had received. But because there were so many messages, she found that task too overwhelming and impossible to accomplish. For that reason, she decided to post a video instead to give everyone an answer and to clear things up.

The Answer: No, She’s Not on a Dating App

In Lara’s Instagram video, she explains that the truth is she is not on any dating app. She also goes on to clarify that she has never been on a dating app, and she certainly is not on one at the moment.

What’s also nice about Lara is she did state she has nothing against dating apps, and she thinks that they can be a great way to meet new people and form new connections. It’s just that she isn’t using any of those types of platforms right now.

She also seems to find the whole thing quite humorous, which is good news. She was not angry in the video, nor did she sound frustrated. Instead, she used a friendly tone to explain herself.

Online Dating Is Super Popular, Whether Lara Uses It or Not

Online dating is popular these days, with dating apps designed for just about every group, from homosexuals and Muslims (check out as an example) to vegans and divorced single parents.

Therefore, it is no wonder that celebrities might be rumored to be on those platforms. After all, they are looking for true love just like everyone else, and a dating app might help bring them closer to meeting their perfect match. But it turns out that Lara Dutta is not one of those celebrities. She was clear when she said she isn’t using an online dating app at all. If that were to change in the future, we are surely going to find out one way or another. For now, she took the time to clarify so that the rumor can stop spreading.

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