The Internet is full of search fans or Joe Frazier still alive. Social Media and Online Forum by United stated and Canada served with hadhtagami who want to know if their favorite American boxer is alive or not. One of the most famous American heavy boxes, increased to fame, beating the next box Maestro Muhammad Ali.

In this article, we take all readers through Joe Frazier’s life and its achievements and respond to your request if you live or lives. If you are also his fan, please read the full article to the end.

Who is Joe Frazier?

Before we answer the question that Joe Frazier still alive, we would like to look at our readers thanks to a small biography of who Joe Frazier was.

At the beginning of Joe Frazier was a well-known American professional boxer, which made since 1965 to 1981. He was known for his amazing, strength and durability. In addition, it was particularly known for its pressure-fighting style, which he knocked his opponent.

During his career, Joe Frazier rose to the game on the whipping Wizard Boking Muhammad Ali. Throughout his career, he had the title of the undisputed heavy champion from 1970 to 1973. He was honored with the Gold Medal in the 1964 Summer Olympics.

Does Joe Frazier still alive?

In September 2011, the legendary American boxer was diagnosed with liver cancer. He was later accepted to hospice care in November 2011, in the same year, in which he tooknay on November 7 at the age of 67.

Private funeral was arranged on a boxing legend on November 14 in the Enron Tabernakulum Baptist Church in Philadelphia. In addition to family and friends, the funeral was located Larry Holmes, Muhammad Ali, Don King, Magic Johnson and Dennis Rodman.

In addition, his body was buried in the ivy cemetery, which is located near the Baptist Church of the Enon Tabernakulum.

Why is it news now?

If Joe Frazier still vivid searches began just after the news about the unveiling of the Joe Frazier statue set and Muhammad Ali at the Joe Hand gym. As for the source of the statue, it will be unveiled on the 50th anniversary of the first fight of Ali and Frazier.

The statue has seven bronze feet and weighs about 1,600 pounds. It was a title as a new signature piece of hope, inspiration and dreams for new fighters.

Conclusion – Legend still lives in the heart of fans

In this way, we all know if Joe Frazier still lives in November 2011 after recognizing the liver cancer. However, the legend still lives in the hearts of fans and leave an eternally sign as a decusting and professional American boxer along with boxing struggles with Muhammad Ali.

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