Since the creation of Instagram, it has proved to be one of the most widely used social media applications all across the world.  It is considered effective for businesses & is loved by the people for personal use mainly because of its visual content. It has such a massive audience so you can, with the right & effective strategies, achieve the goals whatever you desire.

You can make your Instagram account either public or private. If you are running your profile for marketing purposes, you need to make it public offcourse so that everyone could access your content. On the other hand, if you make utilize Instagram for personal purposes, you can make it private as well, if you don’t want every to see or access your profile.

What does a private Instagram account actually mean?

If you already use Instagram, you definitely know that this platform allows you to switch between the public & private modes. Public mode allows every Instagram user to access your content & follow you without any approval from your end. On the other hand, the private Instagram account allows only your followers to see your content. Moreover, you have the authority to reject or approve the follow requests.

The most important thing to mention here is that business accounts don’t have the option to go private. The only thing they can do is go back to a personal account. The strategies like buy Instagram followers Canada works for public accounts only. You only have to seek a reliable service provider to grow your account with such strategies.

Is there any way to access private Instagram accounts?

With the passage of time, technology is providing us the solution to everything. For all those people who think that setting their profile to private will not let any person access your content, there’s bad news. One can now generate links to anyone’s private content & access it without permission using a private Instagram viewer. One thing to keep in mind is that staying secure on the internet these days is so hard so we must be very much careful while sharing your personal content.

Method #1 – By sending a follow request (The Legitimate way)

If you are new to Instagram, you need to know that this is the obvious & the only way to access someone’s private profile on Instagram i.e. to follow them. If the profile of a certain Instagram user is private, you send them the follow request by clicking on the follow button on their main page. This is asking permission from them if you could be part of their profile or not. You will be able to interact only if the other person accepts your follow request. Its working is just like the Friends works on Facebook. If you don’t want all this hustle and want direct follows, then is the place for you.

Method #2 – Creating another profile

There is no defined limit on Instagram for one person to create profiles. So, if the other person isn’t responding to your follow request, you can invest some time in creating a fake profile and send them the follow request. Here are a few tips to consider, if you are going to use this option to view someone’s private profile. Let us get to it.

The first & foremost thing to keep in mind is that make sure that your profile doesn’t look fake. You can utilize high quality & good pictures of a real persona. If you are targeting a guy, you can use pictures of a woman profile.

Make sure to add the description to your profile & more than a few photos of the same person to make it look real.

Before sending the follow request to your target, you need to make it sure that you are following some & have some followers too. It is necessary to make your profile look natural.

The last but not the least tip to consider is that you can make your profile private at this point. It will make your target curious & he/she will be more willing to accept your follow request.

As you are done with making your dummy account, you need to go through it well to make sure that it doesn’t have any mistakes. After its detailed verification, you can now send a follow request to your target. As soon as they accept, you are able to see their private profile. On the other hand, if it’s an unfortunate situation for you again, there is one more last option left, that seems to be working but isn’t the ethical one.

Method #3 – Using third-party apps

There are more than a few third-party apps available that claim to view the private accounts on Instagram but none of them is an official app & doesn’t relate to any social media platform. It seems the last, best & easiest way to view the private profile of your target. All of these applications claim to view any private profile instantly without following it. & are the two private profile viewers I have seen people talking about a lot. I haven’t personally tried it yet but you can give it a try at your own risk. You can also search for the other similar apps on the internet & go to the reviews section to see if it works or not.

Viewing private Instagram accounts – Wrapping up

Now you know every means of getting access to the private Instagram accounts. This is for your knowledge only & I highly recommend you use only the legitimate way to access someone’s profile or their content i.e. by sending a follow request. It’s highly unethical to access the content of someone who doesn’t way to share with you. However, you must have the knowledge of everything happening these days so that you could stay aware & stay safe.