The guide gives details on the rapper in order to let his followers understand is Isaac Rashed Gay.

A viral video that features American singer and rapper Isaiah Rashad is leaked recently according to reports that show the rapper is involved in intimate activities with two men. After the video went viral users took to social media to ask questions about his gender.

The rapper is currently popular on social media since the video published. The rapper and singer received a lot of support and love from his followers across America. United States.

When the video leaked was made viral, people began to question his gender and wanted find out is Isaiah Rashad gay?. Find out more information about the video that was leaked.

What are you? Isaiah Rashad?

Isaiah Rashad or Joel McClain is a rapper, songwriter, vocalist and performer from the United States. He was born on the 16th May, 1991. He received his first break in 2012 when he performed on the Smoker’s Club Tour with other rappers, such as Smoke DZA, Joey Badass as well as Juicy J.

Isaiah Rashad is also the founder of the hip-hop group from Chattanooga, The House. He began rapping as early as the 10th grade, when his peers recorded their raps on laptops. The rapper began to gain the attention of many of his fans and eventually he was granted his first break to rap on The Smoker’s Club Tour with other rappers.

About Isaiah Rashad’s Leaked Video Is he Gay or Bi?

The TDE artist and rapper Isaiah Rashad have never revealed any information about his gender so it’s unclear if he’s either bi or gay. However, the rapper has been popular across social networks, particularly after a viral video of him went to the top of searches via Twitter as well as Reddit.

The video is of the rapper, along with two males and they are seen performing unfun intimate actions. However, his followers as well as others are not pleased with the anonymous leakers who released the video without the rapper’s permission.

Despite all this however, the rapper has been receiving warm messages from his fans according to sources. Some people not aware of his issues are speculating about his gender and would like to know if the Isaiah Rashad Gay?

Does the Isaiah Rashad Family Have a Girlfriend?

Isaiah Rashad was rumored a few years in the past to be with someone. However, he has not revealed his girlfriend’s name since the man believes in keeping his love life and relationships a in the dark.

According to some reports, the rapper was father to two sons and a daughter from his prior relationship. The baby’s mama is not in the spotlight.

How are People Reacting on the video?

After looking into the matter, we realized that the majority of people were in support of the rapper following his viral video, while others are unsure and want be informed regarding this redditor’s video that was leaked?

Despite the video that was leaked that was leaked on Reddit and Twitter becoming in the media, people were supportive of the rapper and expressed their support for his cause. People have a positive reaction to the video and say it’s not real as the rapper never declared himself to be gay.

wrapping It All

The video that went viral of the rapper Isaiah Rashad alongside other men was shared on Twitter and Reddit However, it has been taken down. The rapper was seen engaging in inappropriate actions on the men. The rapper is yet to clarify his thoughts regarding the leak of his video.

He hasn’t responded to the video or made any remarks asking Are his name Isaiah Gay. However, his followers were supportive of the rapper, which was evident in the