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If you are looking for an additional dose of COVID vaccines, this new page can help. Dr B is a notification service that allows you to realize that COVID-19 vaccines are saved in the area.

What is

Dr B is a provider of notification services that helps you know when additional doses of COVID-19 vaccines are available in your area. For more information, go through the entire SCAM

But for getting this information, you must register in, and then tap “I WANT COVID vaccines” on the page.

After that you must enter identification data that describe your contact details, names and surnames, zip code, date of birth, e-mail, qualifications and medical conditions.

How it’s working?

Allows consumers with additional, missed dose levels to engage customers in only an hourly drive that would like to be immunized. The supplier will send a drop in an additional daily dose and specific guidelines.

Then reply to the message and consider taking the dose within 15 minutes before moving to the supplier. This article will help you specify that this is a scam of

From the first dose, the supplier will work with you when planning a second dose. About seven Lakh, fifty thousand registered for the site.

Who qualifies for the service?

The service is free and accessible to all 16 years or older who are mixing throughout the US and seems to be legally and clinically entitled to search for Kovid vaccine.

In addition, you must have a registered mobile phone number that can send and receive messages. In addition, you do not have a daily dose of flavoring. If you want to find out about it, stay with us and read the article, it’s

Legally and clinically, you are able to accept the vaccine if it was easily accessible to you.

How is it helpful?

The supplier’s database specifies near the basic regulations, regulations and services offering a greater chance of administering new shots to those in the essential requirement.

For several suppliers, this organized process would be a pleasant relief from complex structures of those who already use.

Ultimate verdict:

Finally, you can say that even though the site is trying to best, the platform is struggling with the same type of obstacles that have previously held vaccination initiatives.

To reply, this Scam We discovered that the site is quite old and has a 76% trust index.

Although login is simple, this requires internet connection and immediate access to a mobile phone. Due to the last essence of the remaining doses of respondents, they should have flexible hours and better access.

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