While Henely is not technically a brand but a t-shirt style, it can just as well be called one due to its popularity and timeless status. 

In recent years, many designers and retailers have come out with some fantastic Henley variations and styles that can easily elevate any guy’s outfit from “meh” to “wow”. Nowadays, you can simply buy a white Henley t-shirt by freshcleantees.com online without even going to a physical shop.

If you’re new to the Henley world, don’t worry; just keep reading to learn why a Henely is a good brand to invest in! 

The cool guys

Henley is a soft short or long-sleeved collarless t-shirt with a button plack going down the neck. It started as a laborer’s everyday garment in the 18th century and graduated to rowers uniform about a hundred years later before the fashion brands noticed the style in the 70s.

Since the 90s and especially the 00s, Henely has received a classic icon status thanks to Hollywood movies, Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Craig.

If you’ve seen Daniel play 007 in at least one movie, you’ve noticed him wearing a Henley effortlessly, which has solidified the tees “cool guy” status. Yes, the Ryan Goslings and Christ Hemsworths of this world have done a service to the t-shirt, showing that this somewhat modest garment can look super hot. 

New releases

Inspired by these super famous men, designers and retail brands have improved their Henley game by coming out with some amazing Henleys for us, regular guys.

If you’re not in a position to shop at Tom Ford, don’t worry, such brands like Everlane have much more affordable yet still fantastic Henley choices for you! 

From classic to waffle knit options, you’ll find something you like, and that goes perfectly well with your jeans, chinos, or even cargos if you’re looking for a nostalgia trip to the 2000s.

Quality pieces

Henleys are definitely timeless and versatile, but you need to look for excellent quality; otherwise, you might end up looking like a guy just out of bed and not in a good way.

First of all, you want to get the right fit, and you may need to spend some time looking for the best one for you. We all have different body shapes, and what might work for Ryan will not work for Chris!

You want your Henley to be on a tighter side yet not too tight because even if you’ve got a fantastic body, leave some to the imagination! 

When shopping for the best Henley, consider these things:

  • The t-shirt shoulders shouldn’t hike up or be droopy, and the seams should lay flat. 
  • If you’re buying a long-sleeved tee, the sleeves should go to the hinge of your wrist and barely cover the wrist bone. 
  • Make sure the length of the tee is just right, with around 2 inches below the lower edge of your belt. No belly reveals or dress-like shirts! 
  • You also want a high-quality fabric of 100% cotton or cotton and polyester blend.

How to style it

Here are a few simple ideas for styling your Henley tees.

With jeans and a sports jacket or blazer

Need a great everyday look? Wear your Henley with classic dark denim trousers and a blazer or sports jacket. This look is perfect for the office, lunches, dates and all the in-betweens. 

With jeans or chinos and a puffer vest

You need a puffer vest for spring as it keeps you warm yet allows free movement. Wear your Henley under it and pair it with jeans or chinos for the classic spring look for active weekends!  

With a denim or leather jacket

You can go no wrong with a Henley and a denim or leather jacket for a casual spring day. We love black jeans or chinos for the bottom choice.