Nothing could be more enjoyable than watching people prank their Buddies on April Fool Day. The most trending prank circulating on social websites is the Happy Feet Subscription Prank. The prank has created a buzz on TikTok after a user pranks her mom on April Fool Day.

April 1st is your best day when people treat their friends and family with some exciting jokes and pranks.

A user at the United States sends this imitation Scam message for her mother to prank her April Fool Day. Let us check Is Happy Feet Scam or Legit.

What is Happy Feet Scam?

After evaluating online, We’ve found that the Happy Feet Scam message is nothing but a prank that a user in the United States has done on her mom by means of a fake subscription message. So, it is the prank from a daughter to her mom on April Fool Day.

Additional pranks are trending on the TikTok platform, however the most Exciting prank which grabbed the users’ attention is the imitation subscription message correspondence.

The bogus subscription prank was from a TikTok consumer @riley.14. The Happy Feet Subscription Text Message prank was because of her mum on April Fool Day.

@riler.14 or Riley is a active TikTok user who left a prank on Her mum, and it’s known as Happy Feet Subscription Text Prank. She pranks her mom by creating a fake number and send her a text message on behalf of Happy Feet for a subscription support of HappyFeet.

The message Includes the images of her mom’s feet and text Messages asking her mother to opt for it stop getting messages by texting”StopFeet.” When her mom opted for the halt message option, she began sending her grosser images continuously.

It is a Social Networking prank from an individual, and hence It Isn’t legit Because the text message has been fake and not out of HappyFeet.

· The text message was created with a bogus number and not from the official number of HappyFeet

· A TikTok user delivered the fake subscription message to prank her mommy

· There’s no validity of the text message subscription

· It was the message for just a prank on April Fool Day

According to all these Factors, we can’t think about it a legit subscription message in the HappyFeet. So, the answer to your query, Is Happy Feet Scam is a yes. It is a scam or prank and not to be reliable.

The Happy Feet Subscription scam is trending on line after it Becomes a hit on the social media platform TikTok. The user @riler.14 was not aware that she would become famous because of her unique prank on social networking.

However, people shouldn’t believe in such prank messages because it was Just for fun and not from HappyFeet. If you get such a message from a subscription, then avoid it since it is just a prank from your friend or family and not from HappyFeet.

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