Online shopping is an rising trend and a lot of shoppers are choosing to shop online. Are you one of the people who love shopping online? Do you find yourself putting off shopping in person? If so, you will appreciate this article because we look at an online site that offers sneakers right at your doorstep within the United States. We will provide important details about the website and determine whether it is Cheapajx is legitimateor or not.

Is Discountajx Authentic?

We’ve looked at a number of aspects and based on this, let’s determine if this website is legit or not.

  • The most important aspect for any website is the domain’s age. If we check the age of the domain for the site, it’s under one month. The website was launched 11 November 2021. So, it is unwise to trust an unproven website and to invest your hard-earned cash.
  • The second reason is the fact that this website isn’t accessible with any other social media platform. Since the website is brand newly launched, we do not know any details about its existence with social media websites.
  • According to the Discountajx Review , there is HTTPS certification for the website. However, this is not the sole reason to determine the legitimacy of the site.
  • There aren’t any consumer reviews on this website. This also raises our doubts regarding the authenticity of the site.
  • The website gives an email address to reach them, however it is not certain if the email address is authentic or not.
  • It is also located in the physical address, however there’s no information on it on Google maps.
  • If we examine the ranking of the site, scam detector scores 58.8 from 100 scores. Although it’s not the lowest but it doesn’t indicate its legitimacy.

We hope that with this report you’re clear regarding the issue ” Is Discountajx Legit .”

What is

It’s an online platform that is selling sneakers online to customers across all over the United States. It has a variety of sneakers that you can pick depending on your preferences. You can purchase the size of sneakers you prefer and appreciate the brand for its true quality. It boasts of having a variety of sizes and styles of sneakers. However, we should always scrutinize the site before making the decision to invest our money and time on it. To get more details about this site be sure to keep following us through this article. This will help you discover the legitimacy of Discountajxor not. Be sure to read in this report.


  • Kind of Site: eCommerce Website.
  • Domain Age: 11th Nov. 2021. (2 day old)
  • Type of Product: Sneakers.
  • Domain Age: It’s not more than one month older.
  • Email id: Address: 1026 West Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
  • Contact no: Not available.
  • Payment Method: It accepts online payments.
  • A Refund Policy comes with a 14-day policy for refunds.
  • Shipping policy: The company follows the policy of shipping within 7-15 business days of placing an order.
  • Certification: It is certified with HTTPS certification.
  • Reviews: It’s the top rated program on Scam Detector.
  • Social media presence: Not available.

Benefits for making use of

  • You’ve heard of that Discountajx is legit ,let’s see the advantages. One of the advantages is that you will be able to purchase brand-name sneakers right at your fingertips.
  • It is stocked with shoes at a reasonable price that are accessible to everyone.
  • Also, it has a return policy you can utilize to return the product if you are not satisfied with it.
  • It is equipped with HTTPS certification to protect your privacy.

The cons to Utilizing

  • There aren’t many information on this site available for any device.
  • There isn’t a single consumer review regarding this site, which is the biggest drawback of the site.
  • The website is an inexperienced platform to consider.

What are Discountajx Reviews?

According to our investigation, we do not have any reviews from consumers regarding this site. In our exhaustive study, we could not find reviews on any of the social media sites. Since the website is brand new, the site doesn’t contain any user reviews on the website’s products. After this investigation we recommend you know the facts of the website. By knowing these facts you will be protected from scams on websites that are aplenty in and surrounding your area.

Final Verdict:

Online shopping is on its way, and many prefer shopping online to shopping in stores and malls. But beware of fraud and the consequences. We hope this article has answered your question of ” Is Discountajx Legit.”

What do you think about this new website? Should you be able to trust such web sites, or are they not? Your opinion can be shared in the comments section below.