Have you heard about scams and frauds that are committed by new websites? These websites are designed to steal the money of customers and supply users with low quality products. Are you in search of an authentic and safe website that sells accessories? This article is suitable for you. In this article, we’ll be sharing our research upon Is Discount Mall Legit. There are numerous requests from people in America. United States to know the requirements and other details about this site. Therefore, they can shop safe on this website.

Is this site legit?

Users or customers should verify and check the information of the new website they intend to purchase from. The parties that users are on must ensure that the website isn’t a scam. To confirm the authenticity of this site, please go through the following points :

  • We looked on the internet for information on how to create the domain of this site but there were no results discovered anywhere.
  • We could not find reviews for any Discount Mall reviewson the internet.
  • This website is not secured as the HTTPS protocols are not being followed.
  • The site is accessible the website is available on Facebook and YouTube, but it the site is not operational for a duration.
  • Trust rank is 24%.
  • Alexa rank is quite low.

What is Discountmall.com?

The store online is able to offer accessories and other items for sale at low prices for its customers. This site is designed to provide a variety of products. The following products are products from this website :

  • hearing aids
  • Tripods
  • Trimmers
  • Pump for air compressor
  • Fans
  • LED lights

There are numerous products provided by this website with affordable prices. Learn more about this article that examines Discount Mall is it Legit and find out the level of security this site has.

Specifications of Discountmall.com

  • URL – http://www.discountmall.pk
  • This site sells accessories on their online store.
  • There are no details on delivery date
  • Processing time not stated.
  • Order return, refund, or cancellation is not mentioned.
  • The company listed contact information as 0331-3336255
  • There is no email address on the website.
  • Delivery charges aren’t included.
  • The address of the company is not listed on the site.
  • There are no owner information available.
  • There is no information on payment options.

Since the company hasn’t listed any specific information on the website, it’s doubtful that Discount Mall is Legit.

Advantages to making use of Discountmall.com:

  • The site offers goods priced at a reasonable and affordable price.
  • A wide range of items can be found in their store.
  • We have found Facebook as well as YouTube pages that were created and utilized on the site.

The cons for the use of Discountmall.com:

  • The trust score achieved by Discountmall.com is quite low.
  • There’s no information on the website regarding the company, its orders delivery, orders or anything.
  • Alexa tank found by the website is very poor.
  • HTTPS protocol was not discovered.
  • The age of the domain cannot be determined from any website.
  • Owner details and other information are also missing.
  • We were also unable to obtain any reviews for this site.

Discount Mall Reviews

When shopping on a brand new website, every detail needs to be verified and confirmed. Reviews from customers are an additional important aspect to verify prior to shopping on the website. Experienced customers provide comments on their experience with the product and features of the site. This lets you know the true quality of the product from these reviews. As we have mentioned earlier that not any reviews were found for this site on any review platform. It remains to be questioned whether Is Discount Mall Legit?

Since we can’t find any information or details on the website, is no information and details about anything on the site Also, we are unable to confirm the date of registration for the website. We’ll tell you that you should not purchase from this website. It is safer to use safe websites for shopping accessories.