This article is about Cadbury World Scam It is currently trending on Twitter as “@” Look for the evidence to prove its legitimacy.

Cadbury is the top-rated Worldwide brand when it comes to chocolate. Cadbury is also a favorite of many. This is why you came to this page.

This viral news spreads that Cadbury is offering chocolate gift hampers to the world in exchange for financial updates. Isn’t it strange? Let’s go through this post, and then scan it.Cadbury World ScamLegit or bogus?

What is Cadbury’s scam?

Cadbury is the #1 brand Worldwide that people love to eat chocolates. If anyone has the chance to win a free hamper of chocolates from around the globe, they will not be disappointed. Recent Cadbury posts have gone viral with the strong caption, “Celebrating 126th Anniversary”. And they will give away gift hampers full of chocolates to those who share the link.

This is a new scam that circulates on the internet. It targets people from different states, particularly girls and adults who are obsessed with chocolates. Are you convinced that Cadbury Word Scam is real? __S.18__

The proofs for the Cadbury scam

Although it’s certainly amazing that one can get free chocolates for a hamper, this is only possible when the situation is safe. For the chance to win the hamper, you must exchange your financial information (e.g. bank details) and your personal information.

We hope you can solve the problem by doing your own calculations. We discovered the message comes from Anna Burton who claims to be Cadbury’s regional manager.

This scam message also contains phissy URLs that redirect users to fake websites. Take care!

Cadbury World Scam

Yes! Yes! This post is false in numerous ways. You can find more information at the provided pointers.

  • The World of Cadbury, located in Birmingham is not a business and does not offer free chocolate hampers. The World of Cadbury was created on 14th August 1990. However, the real Cadbury Company dates back to 197 years. Do not fall for these tempting offers.
  • Cadbury Birmingham is owned and operated without a regional manger, which makes it a complete fraud.
  • You will be taken to Scam websites by clicking on the suspicious links.

The above-mentioned checkpoints will help you to Cadbury Word Scam. We can identify it as fraud at 100%. Beware! Cadbury official web site Find out which offers are legitimate.

Final Verdict

Cadbury is an internationally trusted brand that is well-known. This makes it easy to con people with a big brand. However, we shouldn’t recommend such content scams for potential buyers or active social-media users.

We also recommend that people not fall for these traps. Big companies don’t need promotion and can scam people with Too Good Deals.

Do you know anyone who has fallen for such a scam in the past? Tell us about your experience and don’t forget your comments on Is Cadbury World Scam.