BMWs are high-performance luxury cars that deliver an almost unparalleled driving experience. The vehicle offers the best tech features, a refined ride, lavish interiors, and high comfort. BMW performance markers outshine most brands regarding driving, power, handling, and braking satisfaction. Here are reasons why BMW is considered a high-performance car:

Exceptional Steering

BMW gives drivers the ability to maneuver the vehicle as fast as possible when at high speeds. Self-centering technology and power steering play a massive role in exceptional agility. Steering capability can be refined and improved on the model aftermarket, but most BMWs are already manufactured with this option. 

Some BMW models provide feedback signals for steering. Active steering is an innovative and unique new system that helps position the front wheels. BMW active steering provides the driver with unprecedented assistance and support to keep them in complete control

In the past, BMWs had hydraulic-assisted steering, which many found was a drag and required more maintenance. Most modern BMW models have an electronic steering that draws energy using an electronic motor from the BMW’s electrical system to offer steering assistance. The vehicle will have better mileage because there will be less drag on the engine. 

Fortified Brake System

If you want to maximize the performance capabilities of your BMW, you can install a fortified brake system. The system helps to stop the vehicle at high speeds. Whether on country roads or racetracks, a fortified brake system is designed to offer sporty dynamics in a BMW. 

The correct selection of high-performance brake systems will depend on different factors, but the owner’s driving characteristics are the main ones. A brake system that meets the most significant demand regarding driving deceleration and dynamics is the best choice for sporty drivers. 

Maintaining sufficient brake pad thickness, brake rotor condition, and clean brake fluid will improve your braking performance in all road conditions. Most manufacturers make rotors that reach a point where they wear out and replace the rotors with new pads and new wear sensors. 

Specialized Tires

BMWs have specialized tires that can easily handle the tight corners, acceleration, and high speeds that make most people like the vehicle in the first place. A trusted auto service can help install the correct tires that match your driving style. Specialized tires help improve the vehicle’s performance, so it runs safely and efficiently. 

Having good tires can improve the handling and fuel economy of your BMW. The rear and front tires should be the same size, brand, pattern, thread, speed rating, and load index for optimal performance and safety. 

The tread depth will impact the BMWs traction. When the tires have proper tread, they can cut through mud, rain, snow, and other challenging terrains. High-performance tires can go fast on fresh, clean pavement and have less tread, and snow tires have deep grooves to offer long-term stability. 

Quality Suspension Systems

The suspension system comprises several components: bars, struts, coilovers, joints, bushings, and linkages. All of them play a critical role, but coilovers are the main components of the BMW’s suspension as they influence your control greatly. 

A quality suspension system keeps your corners tight and gives you a smooth ride while driving at high speeds. The suspension system plays a huge role in controlling your vehicle and influences safety when driving. 

A specialized suspension system minimizes the chances of getting involved in an accident. The suspensions impact your vehicle’s braking system, affecting stability and control. 

Aerodynamic Build

BMWs developed particularly for high performance are designed with aerodynamic fundamentals in mind. The vehicle’s body is sleek, reducing any points of drag and friction. 

BMW’s designers use clay models, sketches, and computational fluid dynamics to determine areas of the body that need improvements. They use all these to identify the full airflow path through and around the vehicle. The aim is to reduce turbulence and enhance grip, cooling, and acceleration. 

Work With the Best BMW Performance Specialist

When you buy a BMW, you invest in a high-performance vehicle. Find an Autoworks specialist with vast knowledge in fine-tuning luxury vehicles. A specialist with many years of experience will have perfected the art of improving BMW performance. No matter the model, year, or make, they should have trained technicians who can turn your BMW into an automotive marvel.