Big Time Gaming (BTG) is a prominent name behind some cutting-edge innovations we witness in online slot games at Wizard Slots. It is the reason behind some major changes in the way we play online slots these days. But listing BTG as the most original slot game developer can be an exaggeration, as there are so many other developers who have added a fair share of creativity in the online gambling industry.

However, BTG’s contributions to this industry are hard to ignore, and this is what we are going to analyse in this article.

Endeavours of Big Time Gaming Towards Reshaping Online Gambling

Big Time Gaming does have a limited collection of slot games, but where it outshines its competition are the engines and other features it has introduced to the slot-playing landscape. Some of these exceptional achievements from this developer are as follows:

·         Megaways

The most prominent development coming from BTG is the Megaways slot engine. This engine has taken the online casino world by storm and is getting popular every day. Dragon Born was the first BTG slot that presented Megaways in early 2016, but it failed to bring the required exposure to the new engine. However, the Bonanza Slot from BTG rose to become a classic and made Megaways an ultimate hit worldwide. Since then, this engine has become a delicacy among online slots.

All Megaway slots from BTG are hit by all means. But what’s more profitable for the company is its monopoly over this slot engine. For harnessing the success of Megaways, BTG patented this new engine and started giving licenses for its use to other developers. Today, all the giants in this industry are paying BTG to use this phenomenal engine.

·         Megaclusters and Megaquads

The next big thing from BTG was the introduction of the Megaclusters mechanic. It joined the team in May 2020 through the Star Clusters Megaclusters slot. One month later, Megaquads dropped in through the Slot Vegas Megaquads. Both these engines have their unique features, but none of them matched the success witnessed by Megaways.


Big Time Gaming has reshaped our slot winning opportunities with its amazing Megaways and other such innovations introduced over time. But the journey hasn’t stopped there. BTG continues to innovate through its slots coming out regularly. In each of the slots, we get to enjoy the innovative mechanics that BTG takes pride in.

Owing to the exceptional work of BTG done over the years and its patents, Evolution Gaming stepped forward and bought BTG for a little fortune. We are sure that Evolution Gaming won’t regret this decision as BTG has got a lot to offer.

Now, all eyes are on the future of BTG after being acquired by Evolution Gaming. There are concerns if the innovative side of this developer will retain its flare or not in the new corporate culture. We believe that we have more innovation coming our way in the form of slots and many other attractions very soon.