If you have visited this page, it is likely that you are looking for a crypto miner that you can trust. You are certainly in the right place because today I will tell you about a robust and highly cost-effective mining rig that can take you places in no time. AsicWay is a relatively new name in the crypto world that has gained a lot of attention in quick time. In this discussion, I will share my hands-on experience with AsicWay to help you make an informed decision.

An Overview of the Company and its Products:  

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, many companies now have come up with their mining rigs. However, unfortunately, finding a legitimate company or product can be a tricky affair. AsicWay was founded by a team of technology leaders and visionaries with the larger goal of democratizing crypto mining by offering the market’s most advanced technology. The company currently offers three mining rigs viz. AW1, AW2, and AW Pro, and claims that all its products can be used with ease by anyone, regardless of his or her crypto mining knowledge or experience.

My Experience: 

Honestly speaking, cryptocurrency mining is nothing new to me as I have tried out quite a few miners in the past. However, the outcomes have been far from my expectations. I recently came to know about AsicWay from one of my colleagues who appeared to be highly excited about the company’s mining rigs. As I visited the company’s website, I was impressed instantly by its mission statement, which is to create profitable crypto investment opportunities for all, including those with no experience in crypto mining. After taking a look at all three AsicWay miners, I opted for the company’s most advanced mining hardware AW Pro because of the high return-on-investment it promised.

My brand new AW Pro was delivered well within seven days to my doorsteps without any following-up. I was delighted to notice that my miner’s delivery and custom fees were covered by the company. Also, the product was delivered pre-configured with Linux based system and getting started was simply effortless. All I had to do was connect a power socket to the unit and use WiFi or cable to access it. As a bonus for its customers, AsicWay also has its own mining pool that can be joined without any fees whatsoever.

After setting up the rig, it was time for me to start mining using my AW Pro. The most noteworthy feature of this miner is its extraordinary hash power. Just to give you an idea, it offers 1950 TH/s hash power for mining bitcoin. It can also mine litecoin, ethereum, and monero with hash rates of 200 GH/s, 13 GH/s, and 16 MH/s respectively. I must admit that I had never heard of such high hash rates before coming across AsicWay. Naturally, I was expecting a power packed performance and I was not wrong.

In general, miners with high computation power also have very high power consumption. However, you will be pleased to know that AW Pro has a power consumption of 2200 watts only. If you are familiar with crypto mining, you would know that this power consumption is extremely reasonable for the level of hash power it offers.    

Having invested in a king-size mining machine, there is no denying the fact that I was a bit worried about my return-on-invest. However, all my apprehensions were soon put to rest as I was able to recover my investment in less than a month. Looking at the profit making potential of my miner, I have already decided to purchase another one and have already quit my full time job. If you want to know more about the profitability of these miners, please visit the calculator page in the company’s website.

Scope of Improvement:

After usingAW Pro for a month, I can definitely say that it has all bases covered. One area where the company can still improve is probably by introducing more payment methods. At present, it only accepts payments in crypto, which may not be a convenient option for all. 

My Verdict:

I have no hesitation in saying that AsicWay is not only legit, but also one of the best mining options in today’s market. If you are looking for an alternative income stream in these tough times, this is something you can surely try out.