Most Amazon Consumers in India along with Also the United Kingdom want to know Is Amazon 30th Anniversary Celebration Scam or untrue. A brand new Amazon link circulates over interpersonal media, claiming to offer gifts to those who click it. The gifts are for arbitrary hundred users on the occasions of Amazon’s 30th Anniversary.

It urges the users to click the link to your free gifts, and since they click it, they get redirected to some other portal site that resembles the Amazon page. They will need to take on online polls to win prizes.

Around Amazon 30th Anniversary Celebration Scam

Amazon 30th Anniversary Celebration Scam is the newest trick Circulating on the internet to fool innocent buyers. The scam is dispersed across multiple social networking platforms, claiming the users to offer completely free prizes and gifts.

Savvy buyers need to There’s not any confirmation from Amazon for such a celebration or arbitrary gifts. The survey is not conducted on the official site or program. It redirects to some other portal that isn’t linked to Amazon, and therefore it is apparently a scam.

What Message are Folks Getting? Third-party website where they get a message congratulating them for being the questionnaire participant. They will need to take the survey, and upon completion, they may win exciting prizes.

We have evaluated online and found many reasons to consider it a New online scam.

· The Amazon 30th Anniversary Celebration link is shared on social media rather than on the official social page of Amazon.

· After research, we’ve discovered that Amazon hasn’t established any anniversary program for buyers.

· In any case, the program is ran on a third party site rather than at the official program or website.

· Amazon was founded on 5th July 1994, and it is only 26 years old rather than 30 years.

Reasons which make it look a new scam rather than legit. So, hopefully, your query Is Amazon 30th Anniversary Celebration Scam or legit has been answered.

What is People’s Reaction?

A Lot of People have actively responded to the connection without knowing The danger behind it. Some people have already clicked on the link to get chosen for a branded phone or other gifts. Now they understood it a scam and want to learn what should be done.

People also want to know is this link hack their phones and Personal details stored in their device. But it only takes the users to phishing and spam sites.


An Amazon link stinks Over the world wide web, and users need to know Is Amazon 30th Anniversary Celebration Scam before clicking the link for complimentary gifts.

It’s strictly illegal to click such spam hyperlinks as you may risk Your details by clicking on them.

Can you click on the suspicious connection? How was your adventure? Please share it From the comment section.