The United States , a vast region in which the weather is subject to significant changes based on location and season, is called the United States . In the southeastern regions of the United States, winter is mild. However, in other areas, such as the northeastern, there are more severe snowstorms. They will require warmer, more comfortable clothing and shoes to survive.

This post will reveal the identity of an online store that we believe to be ‘HTMO_ Legit .

Is Acorn reliable?

We will highlight some of the most important aspects of the site so that you can verify its legitimacy.

  • Trust Scoring- A value 96% is extracted.
  • Site’s age-This website is 21 and 6 months old. This was 06/06/2000.
  • Policy Mentioned- We have gathered the relevant information on different policies.
  • trust rank –75.4/100 indicates the portal’s level of trust.
  • Owners Identity- David Quinn was the site’s founding member.
  • Customer’s Response- The Trustpilot Reviews are missing but we have rescued mixed buyers’ reviews on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Acorn Legit can also be found on the website.
  • Facebook, Instagram Twitter Pinterest Icons –
  • 207205 Alexa rank – This Alexa rank can be found for the portal.
  • Domain’s Termination Day-’s expiration date for was 05/12/2023.
  • Plagiarism%-Some copy is allowed.

Enhancing The Website

Initialy, the portal was created to provide warm and high-quality materials to online shoppers. Later, they added casual wear and sports wear for maximum comfort and relaxation.

It also features woollen items, like:

  • Sandals
  • Moccasin Slippers.
  • Versafit Socks

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  • The official link of the portal is
  • The delivery time is between 1-8 weeks from the shipping point.
  • You will find woolen wearables made of wool on this site.
  •’s exchange policies will expire 60-days after the delivery date.
  • The domain was launched on 06/06/2000. Therefore, it is only 21 and 6 months old.
  • Within 7-10 Days, the firm will confirm refund.
  • The address of the exchange/warranty division is 9655 International Bl. Cincinnati, OH 45246.
  • It’s not possible to locate a calling phone number in the portal that can prove that is Acorn Legit ?
  • They ship items within 3 – 5 days from Monday through Friday
  • You can pay via Venmo or American Express, PayPal or VISA.
  • provides a 60-day return policy in case you aren’t completely satisfied with your order.
  • The icons for social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Twitter are displayed.
  • The site has a newsletter facility.
  • [email protected] is the portal’s mail address.

Strengths Found On

  • There are icons of social media.
  • Both the warranty/exchange and mail addresses are available.
  • The newsletter’s newsletter feature acts as evidence that ‘Is Acorn Legit ? _ is true.
  • Many blended reviews may be granted.

What’s the Site’s Limitations?

  • The phone number does not exist.
  • Trustpilot collects no reviews.

Buyers’ Response has received numerous feedbacks on Facebook. It has a 4/5 rating. Facebook users think that the slippers are the best. A number of them have also recommended that clients look into the items. Some users comment that they still use the site’s products even though it is far away.

Some customers, however, have voiced concerns about the product’s flaws and poor customer service.

Instagram users have also shared their satisfaction with the acorn sneakers. However, some customers have complained that they are not as comfortable as others. Trustpilot has not seen any shoppers’ feedback, so there are mixed reviews.

Therefore, we verified that the portal had received genuine reviews via social media. However, we recommend you review the website thoroughly to avoid duplicity.

The Bottom Line

We answer questions regarding  What is Acorn Legit .?’. Also, the site sells woolen goods like slippers or socks.

The absence of Trustpilot reviews, a calling number, and possibly a Trustpilot review might raise suspicion.