Do you know a site that helps you buy the best jewelry? Well, years can read ahead and know it.

The site claims that its creators focus on providing customers with products with the best price and beautiful designs.

We can see that it is important to know if Legit is legal before using the site for commercial purposes.

Users can easily purchase products from the site and have them delivered within the United States. To learn more about the site, users should continue reading all content.

Is the site legal?

The website has been active since 17/01/2021. This means that the site is only one month old, and you find that its Trust Index isn’t very good either.

Reviews for the site are not available, and there are no ratings. We also believe that the information on the website is incomplete. Therefore, we consider this website suspicious.

What is this site about? reviews will show users that the products are very beautiful and customers will be attracted to viewing beautiful designs.

We also see that the site was created by two childhood friends who want to inspire others with their jewelry and develop their business. The website offers a rich collection of elegant products. The products are aimed at women.

The products and collection are designed in Beverly Hills. The various products available on the site include chains, bracelets, rings and watches. Those who like sunglasses very much can buy the best sunglasses from the site.

What is so special about this site, according to reviews?

We see that the products of this website have the latest design and are developed with the latest fashion trends in mind.

The prices of the products are very reasonable, which further encourages customers to buy. Users can easily add the products they deem appropriate to their cart and then purchase them. The products will be delivered easily within the specified time frame.

The watches come in a variety of beautiful colors and dials that make them look attractive in any outfit and costume that customers are wearing. Before purchasing, customers need to know whether Legit.

In addition, it turns out that the bracelets and chains are also very elegant and beautifully designed.


• Product: jewelry and watches

• E-mail: [email protected]

• Domain age: 1 month

• Website:

• Shipping: $ 7.49

• Delivery: 2-4 weeks

• Returns: within 30 days

• Refunds: upon receipt of the product

• Payments: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron

Advantages of buying on the site:

• Latest designs and different product colors are available

• High-quality products in the collection

• Easy returns

Cons of Buying On Site:

• Low confidence index

• No reviews from customers

• You cannot see the transparency

Customer reviews supporting Is Legit:

We find that the site has only been active for a month, which is not popular with customers. Also, in order to buy products from a website, customers need to see some credible reviews. We do not find any thoughts about the product listed on the site or on the Internet.

There are also no ratings to help US customers find the facts about the site. We can see that the website manages to get a very low trust rate which is not a good sign if customers want to buy the products.

Does Legit help you know that there is no guarantee that customers will get the products after purchasing from this online store.

Final Verdict:

After going through the details and checking the website on the Internet, we find that it is not legal. The site lacks the authenticity of a legitimate store, and it is not safe to buy products on it.

In addition, it is always safe to shop on popular sites.

Using this site to shop can lead to money loss. Therefore, we do not recommend users to buy products from this site and the answer to the Is Legit question is no.

In addition, vulnerabilities in the site make it suspicious and unreliable.

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