In addition to technical specifications, the colors of the iPhone 15 Series have also received special attention from technology enthusiasts. Particularly, the question of which new colors the iPhone 15 is expected to appear in has been widely discussed on various forums. Let us follow the updates from regarding this matter! provides information on the predicted new colors of the iPhone 15

1. How many new colors is the iPhone 15 Series expected to have?

Apple has a habit of expanding and diversifying the color options for each new flagship product. According to the updates from, the iPhone 15 Series is predicted to be launched with a total of 16 colors across 4 versions. Each version will have its own set of new colors, as follows:

  • iPhone 15 Standard has new colors including navy blue, light blue, deep pink, and orange.
  • iPhone 15 Plus has new colors including navy blue, lotus pink, candy pink, light blue, and orange.
  • iPhone 15 Pro introducing a new dark red color.
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max also features a new dark red color.

Many speculations suggest that the dark red color on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will capture the favor of users as it is also a hot trend color this year. If the iPhone 14 Pro Max version was sought after for its unique purple interface, it is highly likely that the dark red color of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will be the most favored and coveted color by users and the technology community.

The iPhone 15 Series is predicted to have 6 new colors according to updates

Among the 16 leaked colors for the iPhone 15, the following colors are highly likely to be available: white, black, blue, silver, gray, green, purple, red, and gold. These are the colors that Apple has previously introduced on its earlier iPhone models and have been warmly received by iFans. For further analysis of the likelihood of each color’s appearance, you can visit the following link:

In addition to the diversity of colors, the iPhone 15 also entices users with the following prominent features: the introduction of the A17 Bionic chipset, providing outstanding performance; the removal of the Lightning port in all 4 versions, replaced by a 20W USB-C charging port for faster charging support; the appearance of Dynamic Island on all 4 versions, replacing the notch, resulting in a more elegant and modern design; an upgraded RAM capacity of up to 8GB in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max versions; significantly improved image quality with notable enhancements in the Pro and Pro Max models, etc.

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The information about the iPhone 15 Series is accurately compiled on

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Above is the prediction of the 6 new colors for the iPhone 15 Series, set to be released by Apple later this year. This information is updated from – a reputable website for providing accurate and prompt predictions about the iPhone 15 Series. To learn more about the iPhone 15, please visit the website and leave comments below suitable posts.