As the Apple iPad is one of the hottest gadgets of the moment and Apple has recently announced the iPad Mini, there is an even bigger choice of games that is better for kids. As this Apple has such good and powerful gadgets that they provide the best gaming experience, they have made sure that children are able to play the most popular games, regardless of their age. The iPad Mini can be held in one hand, so there is no need for a parent or child to struggle holding a tablet, such as the older versions.

An iPad with a touch screen is easy to play as it can be held easily, and there is nothing to compare it to, as they have made it in a form factor that is perfect for kids. iPads have some of the best games available, such as Angry Birds, and other titles that are great for children. Some of the best kid friendly games are free, and the range has expanded to include a great selection of all-inclusive children’s apps, so there is something for everyone. It is important to play appropriate games when you are young, as you will be exposed to content which may be inappropriate.

To help you along in your search, we have compiled a list of the best games that are suitable for all ages. These are a great place to start as they are suitable for kids, but still able to challenge older children. It is also important to note that most games are not suitable for younger children under the age of six, as they are still learning their capabilities and understand things such as poor motor control, noise and colours. The selection of games included in this article were all carefully selected, and range in price, but all are great for kids

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the most popular free apps available for the iPad, and it is a must for any child who wants to play. These Angry Birds are so much fun, with little birds hurling a catapult at pigs, who then launch themselves at the pigs. Players can use the arrow keys or the touchscreen to launch the birds at the pigs, and there are different modes of play such as a puzzle mode, or choosing different animals to kill. There are also iPad Mini versions of this game, which are definitely the best version as they are able to fit into a smaller size and provide a better gaming experience. Angry Birds is suitable for ages three to sixteen, and all parents should make sure they know where their child is accessing this app.

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Word Party

Word Party is the best educational game for kids of all ages, as it is ideal for the preschool years. Players, with the aid of one to one help, have to create sentences using different kinds of words. Players use their fingers to select letters, and are then able to determine the meaning of the word by pointing at it on the screen. The more the players help the less each word becomes. This game is best for kids to play, as it provides plenty of fun and challenges, but also learning, fun and education. Word Party is suitable for all ages, but must be pre-approved for all ages.


Quiplash is a full motion video game which challenges players to create an answer using a few letters in the right order. The players are presented with a funny situation, which the player is required to fill in using only a few words, such as “A horse walked into a bar”. This is usually done using a smartphone or a tablet, so users can also take photos to then be used for later answers. Quiplash is suitable for all ages, and all parents should make sure they are

aware of the game, as it is not suitable for younger children. Quiplash is free for all tablets and phones.

Today Puzzle

Today Puzzle is a simple puzzle game which is one of the best for kids. Players control a rabbit which can walk in a line, but it is important that the rabbit is all on the same colour. The aim of the game is to match up colours with their correct answer to advance through the levels. For younger players, the game is very easy to play, and allows for both physical and mental challenge. As the levels progress the levels get more difficult and more challenging, so it is best for older children to play this game. Today Puzzle is suitable for all ages, and all parents should make sure they know of the game, as it is not suitable for younger children.

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Golem Wars

Golem Wars is a video game set in Ancient Egypt, where players control a giant sand monster in order to attack the enemy forces. This game is suitable for all ages, but is more suited to older players. This game is suitable for tablets and phones, and can be played easily on a tablet with a touchscreen, or via a web browser. The only issue with this game is that it can be a little challenging to learn, but this is made up for by the challenging gameplay.