Men or women without a name, people will call them by using their name or else we can say that without a word, you can differentiate them at any time. Of Course, their faces are different, but their identity also important when you call them. Similarly, every computer system is known by its IP address.

With the help of an IP address, you can communicate with another computer system in your same area or the different regions through an internetwork. IP addresses are not only known for communication, but it also used to know your place of living within a second.

While manufacturing a computer system, every hardware industry will put some needed details and the IP address on it. Later, if you found anything terrible or asked whether my ip is safe or not in the computer system, you will notify the near system engineer to resolve it. 

The process behind TCP/IP 

Internet protocol will provide some set of identity to your computer system. When it comes to sending some information to someone on your side, TCP will help achieve it any time. TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol to help you send or receive any information on the communication network.

If you see closely, there is strong communication between internet protocol and Transmission control protocol. To understand the communication between IP and TCP, you need to go through the following theory:

Imagine you have a computer and you are working on a photo editing project. What you have to do is your work need to be verified by your friend at the end of editing to complete the project. Once you have done the editing on some set of photos, you will instantly send it to your friend. Your friend will verify all the files once if he received them at the end.

Here, TCP protocol will stay in both of your systems and notify you of the missing photos. On the internet, images will flow in a bit-by-bit manner to your friend with the help of TCP since TCP will help create communication between you and your friend.

So, it will decide at what point the communication should end. TCP will also check whether entirely received all the photos at the end.

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IP made internet search easy.

TCP/IP plays a significant part in transferring the information from one system to another system. Sharing the information to someone on your local network is always possible. In a Local area network or LAN, you will be surrounded by limited computer systems.

There you will share any information through cables and lanes from your system to another plan. The internet helps to achieve communication across billions of systems.   

Whenever you search for information on the internet, you will enrol your IP address or identity to the servers on another side. Later, for every search, you will get the results based on your query. Here, your IP address will join with a DNS server to differentiate you from other servers on the internet. 

Domain Name System (DNS)

You don’t need to worry about the IP address for an organisation or college since you are connected through a local area network. But for the whole world, you should have a unique name to mention your identity to others.

DNS is not for your device, and it is only for the website you are searching. Every website has a name called “domain” that will give unique access to its visitors at any time. If you are looking for a particular website, you should provide the exact name of that website. Otherwise, you will be redirected to some irrelevant pages apart from your interest.

For example, you are searching a website called “Facebook” then, and you have to enter the exact address like “” or “” to get the actual page as a result. If you made any mistake on such an address as “”, it may not give you the exact product, and it may show the irrelevant result at the end.

While doing this search, a vast process will run in the backend to get your needed results. Here IP address will hold your identity and the DNS server to surf the internet at any time. With the help of an IP address, a google team can track you once you do anything illegal with the IP address.

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