You might have in all likelihood heard the term Internet of Things (IoT) sooner or later in your life, either from a relative, a promotion, or an article.

To make it simple for you, the Internet of Things refers to the expeditiously progressing network of connected objects that have the capacity to gather and trade-off data in real-time using embedded sensors. Technology experts are working very hard to provide creative solutions to maximum people through IoT devices. There are high chances that in the coming years, the internet of things is going to take over the world by storm.

You can turn any normal device into an IoT smart device if it passes the following two criteria:

· The device can easily connect with the internet

· The device is integrated with the required software, technology, and actuators.

Take a look at some of the most sought after IoT devices in 2021:

Google Home Voice Controller

Our first pick is the Google Home Voice Controller. It allows users to control alarms, TV, lights, volume, thermostats, and much more by using only their voice.

· Comes with built-in speakers

· Allows users to listen to any type of media

· Provides responses from Google in real-time

· Gives users control on home TV and speakers

· Helps in handling alarms and timers

· Provides remote access to home lights and speakers

· Supports in lining-up daily activities and their automatic execution

· Makes calls via phone

· Broadcasts Messages

· Provides weather updates

· Manages home appliances

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You can get the Google Home Voice Controller easily from Google Store, Flipkart, google express, eBay, Verizon,, and other places.

August Doorbell Cam

With August Doorbell Cam, you don’t need to worry about your visitors while you’re away from home. It enables you to respond to your doorbell from anywhere. The IoT device keeps a check on your doors and tracks all movements. We have listed its best features below:

· Provides a lucid, HD quality videoin full-color range through built-in floodlight.

· Offers a 24-hour free video recording option

· Quick and easy installation method

· Gives real-time notifications of any activities near the door

· Uses a two-way audio technology to answer any visitors

· Comes with a USB dock for easy completion of the set-up procedure

Philips Hue

With a wireless controllable lighting system, Philips Hue allows you to create a perfect lighting atmosphere that best suits your needs. The lights turn on every time you enter your home or room and vice versa. It supports three types of ambiances:

1. Resting/Sleeping

2. Wake up

3. Party

When connected with Hue Bridge, the system allows you to control all synced devices with just a single command. Here are some of the key features of Philips Hue:

· Gives users the power to control homes remotely

· Manages lighting and dimming schedule

· Allows to sync with videos and music

· Portable system

· Controllable via both Wifi and Bluetooth

· Comes with a slider to comfortably set the lights

· Built-in dynamic effects


Foobot is a helpful device to determine air pollution inside your homes. As a result, it continuously helps in improving the quality of air at offices, homes, and other places. It monitors the temperature level and allows you to enjoy the fresh air and stay healthy. The following are the popular features of Foobot:

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· Removes air pollution

· Helps in developing a healthy environment by providing fresh clean air to breathe

· Quick and easy installation procedure

· Allows device installation via iPad, iPhone, or Android devices

· Identifies odorless and invisible pollutants in the vicinity and highlights them usingan LED display feature

· Provides education regarding the root cause and outcomes of user’s wrong actions and their negative effects on the surroundings

· Allows usersto easily control alarm without any additional hardware through their smartphones

· Good appearance

· Comes in a variety of different colors. Each indicating a different signal to the user.

Bottom Line

You can only take delight in all these appealing features by subscribing to a reliable internet provider like AT&T and Windstream that does not let your home network slow down even when you are out. So, good luck!


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