Companies are always making the tough choice between SEO and PPC marketing. What needs to be understood by most of these companies is that albeit independent, these two forms of marketing are great at complimenting each other. Google has made it very clear that PPC will in no way improve the ranking of your website. This doesn’t mean that PPC marketing should be disregarded altogether. When leveraged in the right way, PPC is the best way to speed up the results that good SEO will fetch you. 

PPC is way ahead when it comes to data collection and analytics. This means that companies can make inferences about user behaviour and the success of their design changes by observing the PPC trends. These inferences can be applied to support the organic search optimisation for the best results. Various companies also opt for PPC services, either online or from a local company to help streamline their advertising model. 

A good AdWords campaign can be used to test your website with real users before you start working on your organic search performance. Along with the following SEO Services best practices, PPC can also help in fuelling growth and building more clicks towards your online posting.

Here are a few reasons to invest in Google Ads before you begin your SEO efforts:


If you’re a business that doesn’t have an online presence, you’re missing out. In essence, it can be said that the world runs on the internet. 82% of customers search for local businesses online. Out of which 29% users search for these small-scale businesses every week. This is a massive untapped market that can be harnessed to generate sales and increase brand recognition. Along with the following SEO best practices, PPC can also help in fuelling growth and building more clicks towards your online posting. 

Why Google?

Companies like Bing also provide PPC options. Why is the general choice for most businesses Google? This is because Google has an unchallenged monopoly on the search engine industry. It owns 70% of the search market. Along with this, Google’s Benchmarks have shown that a display campaign on Google ads can reach up to 80% of the entire population on the internet. That’s direct access to the screen of billions of people around the globe! 

Another reason why Google Ads is the reigning champion is that Google heavily depends on its advertising service for its income. A whopping 97% of Google’s earning are through Google Ads, this is why they continue to optimise it and add features that are insightful for business owners. 

How Exactly Will PPC Help My SEO Initiative?

Most online businesses with an intent to grow are already working on good SEO practices to ensure that their organic growth performance stays high. 40% of the clicks for high commercial intent Google searches are taken up by the first three results alone. And most of these spots are reserved for ads. 98% of users also click on results from the first page only. Anything beyond the first page is essentially useless. Instead of relying purely on an SEO agency, Google Ads are a great way to make sure that your listing is on the first page and is viewed by 98% of the overall user base. 

How Much of a Difference Will do It Make?

Using Google Ads can be tricky and depends on a very vast range of factors including the ad placement, quality of the ad content, relevancy and the target audience. Once a company has done its research, it becomes easy to tweak the PPC settings to make it a good fit for your campaign. 

Most companies make about 100% of their Google Ads investment back if their ad is running successfully. 70% of all users also call and contact businesses directly from Google Search, most of these users also go on to perform some kind of action in the next hour. These are great odds for any type of marketing and is thus gaining popularity among businesses that are looking for an SEO head start. 

Using other key features of AdWords like geographic advertising, CTR metrics, search term reports and display network audience data can help you understand your performance with much more clarity. Instead of extensive trial-and-error, you can make changes to your campaign that are based on actual data. 

Using an AdWords campaign is very much like rolling a ball down a hill. It requires a little effort in the beginning, but once the ball is rolling it can handle itself. Expenditure is required only when your company is actively growing. After enough eyes have fallen on your site, a good SEO strategy is enough to drive growth. The money that you are spending on PPC advertising can be saved for future investment. It is truly the best way to market your website online and can transform your growth trajectory in no time!