As a result of technological progress, online casinos have evolved significantly over the last 20 years. Thanks to improved gambling software, nowadays online casinos offer a superb gaming experience. And not only did these improvements affect the gaming experience, but they have also had a significant impact on the security and fairness of casino games.

But what do we consider under the term gambling software? In this article, we will answer this question as well as explain some additional things related to this subject.

Casino software

Casino software or as some people refer to it gambling software is a set of programs that drives all casino games. These programs have become so sophisticated that in today’s world they allow online casinos to provide a seamless gambling experience to players.

Gambling software is responsible for things such as the quality of the graphics, the quality of the sound, the return to the player, and the security of the games and transactions. And without this software online casinos would be able to operate.

The law defines all casino gaming software as computer software used for connection with remote gambling. This, however, doesn’t include all things that are connected with gambling machines.

To differentiate gambling software from other software that is used by online casinos you can use the following rule: If a company that is not in the gambling business uses a certain software and that same software is used by the gambling companies, that software will not be considered gambling software. For example, software from companies like Adobe, Dropbox, or Autodesk is not considered casino software.

How does gambling software work?

Online gambling operators use software that is exclusively created for casino games. The essential piece of this software is the Random Number Generator or how it is referred to in the industry RNG. The RNG is in charge of delivering random results that help ensure the fairness of casino games.

RNG is the most important part of every casino software because the casino relies on this software to handle odds. By handling the odds via RNG, the casino ensures that the players have the best possible casino experience.

The casino software is based on programs that calculate variations and permutations so that they could ensure the randomness of results and even out the odds. By applying this strategy, online casino operators avoid making the games one-sided and losing the interest of players. Furthermore, they make sure that the casino makes enough profit to stay in the game.

Gambling software is the foundation of every successful online casino business. It manages payouts and RNGs while ensuring that the players are enjoying the best possible gaming experience. The workings of gambling software can be best seen on slot games like jetx game.

Types of Casino Software

Depending on which device you use, you can encounter several different types of casino software. All of this software is created to give the best possible gaming experience on the device on which it is used.

Downloadable Casino Software

Modern online casinos don’t condition players with specific applications and software. And while casino software that needs to be downloaded still exists, modern casino operators are turning towards instant play. This shift is happening because most of the downloadable gambling software is compatible with computers that run Windows OS. The upside of this type of software is that once you download it to your device you get access to all of the casino games that your operator has to offer.

Instant play software

As we already mentioned, instant play software is taking the online casino industry by storm. This type of gambling software gives players the option to play games straight from their web browser without having to download additional software. And the best part is that instant play software is compatible with almost all devices and operating systems. This includes devices such as mobile phones.

Mobile applications

With how things are going at the moment, it seems that playing on the go is the future of online gambling. To stay relevant, software developers are creating casino applications that give players access to casino games on mobile phones. These apps can be downloaded from different sources depending on the OS of the device that you are using.

Casino software developers

The casino software is the most important part of every casino, but in most cases, casinos use casino software that is created by third-party software companies. These software-providing companies are specialized in casino software and make their living by creating state-of-the-art casino software and selling it to online casinos. Some of the most renowned casino software developers are NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Betsoft, Playtech and Microgaming.


Most players are not aware, but gambling software is the essence of every online casino business. Furthermore, the casino software is not just important for the operators, it also ensures that the players are enjoying fair, secure, and exciting games. So, before you choose your next online casino, first check what kind of software they use.