Dress for success has now become a formula. It means that you need to design a distinctive garb for your desired job interview because the first impression is the last. This norm particularly applies to your first interview. The interview attire is a vital ingredient of your interview which you can manage. The course of action in the following paragraphs is customary and simple to comprehend for this purpose.

Interview Attire Guidelines for Women

  • Suit:

The highly recommended is the two-piece business suit either in dark blue or grey colour. The dress must be properly washed and ironed with excellent fitting. It has to be traditional in look and must not be gaudy. To wear a skirt is ideal rather than wearing trousers.

  • Shoes:

The shoes should be matching; dark blue or black colour with closed toes. The heels should be a popular sort of; 2.5” at the most.  The shoes have to be well polished, but not boisterous. It is better to wear leather shoes with a good fit instead of snakeskin or other textures.

  • Top:

Choose white or ivory shirt of traditional nature. The lines of shirt collar or neck harmonize with the lines of jacket colour; avoid wearing artificial fabric and put on natural fabric like silk or cotton. The shirt has to be properly washed and pressed with no stains.  It must not be too tight and revealing; slightly a good fit.

  • Hosiery:

The pure hosiery with proper fitting must be worn. The garish one like elephant ankles, snags or skin colour must be avoided. It is better if you carry an extra, new pair in your briefcase, so that in any emergency; you may change it on your way.

  • Briefcase:

The briefcase should be neat and clean in any of the blue, black or taupe colours. Like other attire, it has to be traditional in pure leather without prints or canvas. If leather is expensive for you, then purchase the one which looks like leather. Don’t overstuff it with the useless material. It should only contain a few of the quality printed resumes, pen and paper. A good substitute for a briefcase is a leather bag; don’t carry a briefcase and purse simultaneously.

  • Jewellery:

Wear very nominal traditional jewellery of either genuine gold or silver. Pearls may also be substituted. Any plastic or acrylic beads or earrings won’t suit at all. To match it, pick smaller earrings not extending much beyond the lobe; strictly avoid to use tongue, nose, eyebrow piercing jewellery; only one ring per hand and one earring per ear.

  • Watch:

A traditional and straightforward watch will look pretty nice. Please ensure that it is properly working and don’t beep during the interview.

  • Makeup:

Simple makeup will do well.  Stay away from intense and disproportionate makeup. Use the foundation closer to the natural skin tone. Wear lipstick of soft shade. There has to be subtlety in makeup, like Mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow and blush on.

The nails should look tidy and neat by wearing solid pink or beige nail polish; Also avoid any kind of nail ornaments.

  • Hair:

The hairstyle should be attractive and match the face cut. Don’t use large hair clips or barrettes.

The overcoat should be clean and graceful and must cover the hemline of the skirt that covers the hemline of the skirt in blue, black or beige colour. Please also carry a neat and beautiful dry umbrella.

  • Personal:

Make use of very light or no perfume. Make sure to brush your teeth and rinse just before the interview. It is sure to avoid smoking 2 hours before the interview. If you face the problem of dry throat or cough, then bring small mints with you. Your tattoos must be hidden.

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Interview Attire Guidelines for Men

  • Suit:

The highly recommended one is the two-piece business suit either in dark blue or grey colour. The dress must be properly washed and ironed with excellent fitting. It has to be traditional in look and must not be gaudy. Select a good quality suit in 100% Worsted Wool which is also fully lined. You can purchase a high-quality suit at a low price; even less than $300 during the sale season.

Your pockets must not be bulging. It is advisable to keep your wallet in the briefcase.  Empty your pockets of keys and coins. To dust off your jacket before the interview; keep a hairbrush in your car; so you can dust off your jacket just before the interview. You may also consult a clothes designer or tailor to take advice for the fitting of a suit.

  • Shirt:

It is advisable to wear 100% cotton white dress shirt with button tabs or point collar, rather than the one with a button-down. The shirt must be nice looking, properly washed and ironed with no stains or holes. Don’t ever wear a short-sleeved shirt for an interview.  The preferred style for cuffs is the French Cuffs.

  • Shoes:

The shoes must be in good condition, adequately polished in black or cordovan colours. Lace-up shoes need to be worn. Avoid tassels and never wear loafers. If you have just bought shoes, they must wear at least one day before going to the interview.

  • Hosiery:

Wear dark socks: these must be over the calf socks so that these will not slip down.

  • Belt:

Use shoes matching colour leather belts. ; traditional-looking buckle looks nice. If you wear braces, do not wear a belt.

  • Neck Tie:

Wear a 100% new or in excellent condition necktie with style ‘Four in Hand Knot’. The bottom of the tie must touch the top of the belt buckle.

  • Jewellery:

Use minimal jewellery; either a wedding ring or college ring only. Don’t wear tie pins or clips, and pierced jewellery or chains.

  • Watch:

Wear a conservative watch that is running and will not beep during the interview.

  • Briefcase:

Blue, black or taupe; Clean and polished; Conservative style; Solid leather – no prints or canvas; If you cannot afford leather, find an excellent leather-like material; Organized – not bulging with unnecessary content; Pack it with several quality printed resumes, pen and paper; An alternative to a briefcase is a leather bag.

  • Outerwear:

Wear a neat, elegant overcoat with good fit either in blue, black or beige. Carry a traditional-looking dry umbrella and swirl it before you enter the office if it is raining.

  • Hands:

Groomed nails: Clean, neatly trimmed nails and cuticles; Use non-fragrant hand lotion if your hands are dry and scratched. Take advice from a female friend, if you are not sure about the look and makeup of your hands.

  • Hair:

The attractive hairstyle is also an important ingredient.  Short cut hair looks better than the long one. Your hair should be clean looking with a light gel or without gel. Get your hair cut, one week before the interview, rather than one day before.  Generally, employers don’t like beards and moustaches; so better to shave.

  • Personal:

You only need to wear very light or no cologne. You must Brush teeth and rinse just before the interview. Avoid smoking 2 hours before the interview. Bring small mints, if you have problems with dry throat or coughing. Don’t show up your tattoos, rather hide these.

Your attire should synchronize with your professional image and should reflect that you are not only a mature and organized person but will be a suitable representative for the company as well. Rehearse your dress a few days before your interview. Just before the interview, perform a full mirror check, front, back and side view.

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