In some cases, your project may only include furniture, lighting, and some accessories, in which case “decoration” is the appropriate service. There are many designers who offer interior decorating services as well. In the case of new construction specifications, or when renovating your existing home, you need a trained Richmond Interiors designer to create an overall plan that takes into account the concept, the budget, and construction.
With the help of a decorator or designer, you can develop a comprehensive design concept and specifications for your stunning home. Ideally, you should hire an interior designer before or around the time of hiring an architect, builder, or general contractor. Knowledgeable designers are able to enhance the project and ensure that you receive the end result you desire.

Whether you’re searching for a innovative new home designs Nelson Bay or a skilled group for a business venture, Sorensen Design has you covered.

It’s best to have all contacts on board from the beginning with interior design services. It’s our job to be your advocate and guide you through the process. Think of us as your trusted advisors, acting on your behalf, to assist you in all the design decisions you need to make when building or remodeling your home. Using the relationships we’ve built with multiple architects and builders over the years, we can help select the best team for your project.

What We Design

Modular Kitchens
You can expect a sleek modular kitchen interior design that blends functionality with elegance and makes cooking a pleasure.
You can get completely customized furniture to match the aesthetic of your space.
Furnishings and Décor Accessories
We offer diverse colors and textures of furnishings and fabrics, as well as a variety of house décor items that will add style to your space – find what you’re looking for, and create an interior design that is just right.
Light up your home with a variety of styles – elaborate chandeliers, beautiful floor lamps, or sophisticated task lighting – to add some style to your décor.
Painting and Wallpaper
Personalize your walls with Signature Walls that reflect your true style. From interesting shades for an accent wall to stunning wallpapers for your bedroom—we make sure you find everything you need for your home interior.
Wardrobe Designs
Make your signature wardrobe stand out with the right size, the right shape, and a chic design.

Interior Design Service Advantage

Interior Design Experts
When it comes to interior decoration, finding skilled and reliable professionals is crucial. Our panel of experienced interior designers will work on your house design.
Personalized Interior Design Services
Every home is an expression of its owners. We design your house to reflect your individual style. You should reflect your sense of design in everything you do, from creating furniture to choosing furnishings and lighting.
State-of-the-Art 3D Visualisation
Having second thoughts about interior décor decisions is common, and we have incorporated this into our 3D visualizer to help. It’s an ideal way to see how your space can turn out and allows you to make any changes to the interior designs before work begins.
End-to-End Home Design Service
As we work on making your dream home interior design a reality, all you have to do is relax as everything is taken care of. Our team has you covered from concept to creation and planning to completion.
Project Management
You will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager to oversee your home renovations. Your project manager ensures your interior design is completed on time and that the workflow is smooth.
Signature Walls
When it comes to wall painting ideas, you have access to the top-of-the-line Asian Paints products through Beautiful Homes Service. Nilaya wall coverings, murals, or textured finishes can be used to elevate your home’s interior.