Bitcoin ATM is the physical representation of cryptocurrency transactions. These kiosks offer an entirely new perspective to Bitcoin and other popular Cryptos. The initial skepticism has now given way to a wholehearted welcome by users. The emergence of BTC ATM kiosks encourages crypto transactions. These kiosks help improve the confidence of individuals in the new form of currency.

Growth of BITCOIN ATM facilities

The current year 2021 has seen a massive growth of almost 70 percent in the number of CRYPTO ATM installations across the globe. The present number of Bitcoin ATMs stands approximately at 24000, according to reliable sources. These ATMs are operating in 75 nations, and the maximum number of installations is in the US.

These statistics confirm that Bitcoin ATMs have a great potential to grow and become go-to resources for executing crypto transactions. The growth of these ATMs will continue to increase the popularity of Bitcoins and will further boost the transactions. Using a Bitcoin ATM is a secure and user-friendly process. Besides, the growing number of Bitcoin ATM installations offers easy access, irrespective of your location. Just type ‘Bitcoin ATM near me’ on your smartphone to find the nearest facility.

Why will the BTC ATMs drive future transactions?

The absence of a physical resource or proof is one of the common concerns about transacting in Cryptos. Many individuals are not accepting Bitcoin as a standard alternative to a fiat currency, although Cryptocurrencies have secure support of blockchain technology. The technology of cryptocurrency is too complex for laypeople to understand.

It has resulted in a lukewarm response to the purchase or ownership of Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin ATM kiosks will motivate these individuals to try the new currency option. These ATMs can help you perform a variety of crypto transactions, such as

  • Buying Bitcoins
  • Selling Bitcoins
  • Converting Bitcoins into other cryptos,
  • Converting Bitcoins and other Cryptos into fiat currency

Presently, all BTC ATM installations may not offer all these facilities. However, we can expect ATMs that enable many transactions to come up at more locations with the growth in popularity of Cryptocurrencies. The demand for the availability of ATMs will automatically spur the rise of BTC ATM installations. We have already witnessed the extensive increase of ATMs for fiat currency because of the demand.

Growth trends to continue

Blockchain technology and Crypto are going to be inseparable aspects of a variety of transactions in the future. The involvement of these new technologies will be so extensive that most individuals will not know that they are using these.   

Cryptocurrencies may become as popular as fiat currencies in most countries. The backend of these currencies will have the backing of blockchain technology. The familiarity of Bitcoin and other Cryptos will help with the extensive adoption of the new form of exchange. Bitcoin ATM facilities will play a central role in facilitating the use of Cryptos across most geographies.

In conclusion

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