The Ancient brew, mead, is gaining popularity again! It is loved by many and is very trending in current times because of the versatility and health benefits it provides. Are you a mead lover too? If yes, you are just at the right place! In this article, we will talk about some interesting facts about mead.

Oldest Alcoholic Beverage: As said, it’s an ancient one! But how old is it? You will be amazed to know that evidence of the first mead was found in 7000 BC. Yes, we are drinking something that was invented centuries ago. The history dates back to the time when Chinese vessels had residues of honey that were fermented. It was assumed to be a beer, but then mead as an identity came into being.

Has Its Own Category: Do you know that mead is a distinct type of alcohol? Yes, you read it right! It isn’t wine, beer, or cider; it has its own category based on the ingredients it is made with. For instance, the one with spice is metheglin, fruit featuring mead is called melomel, apple-based mead is cyser – there are endless categories and names!

The Taste Is Dependent Upon Bee: Just as the type of grain plays a role in the formation of beer, similarly, the type of honey by bees is also essential in mead. The kind of honey determines the flavor of mead. The nectar diet of bees is different every time, and so is the formation of mead. Generally, mild honey is used to produce good quality mead like the one by Hidden Legend Winery. Hidden Legend Winery sells all kinds of meads for home delivery. Their mead products are flavored with spices and a variety of berries. You can also buy a mead-making kit from them if you like to experience and create one of your own. So, when you purchase any mead, ensure that it is made from high-quality honey only, as it has a delicious taste!

Celebrated At Many Places: Did you know that there is a day dedicated to saying cheers to mead? Yes, there is a National Mead Day on 3rd Aug celebrated in the USA. This day was recognized seventeen years ago and was initiated to increase awareness about mead. It has undoubtedly made mead much known among all! 

Aphrodisiac Properties: Mead is rumored to have aphrodisiac properties. Are you wondering how? Well, let us first understand where the word ‘honeymoon’ came from? The honey beverage mead was historically presented to newlyweds to have it in a full moon cycle. It claimed that the couple would have a fruitful future! Now, can you link the connection of mead with the aphrodisiac property?

Mead is not Honey Wine: Mead is often referred to as honey wine, but that is not the reality! Wine is made up of berries, while mead’s primary component is honey. There is a vast difference between the two, which many do not know. 

Nectar Of Gods: Mead is known as a dew sent from heaven by God that is collected by bees. We bet you did not know this fantastic fact about mead! It is the reason why many cultures consider bees as messengers of God with magical powers, no doubt, why people consume it heavily, thinking that it’s a blessing to them.

Mead is gaining popularity, no doubt. As a mead lover, you will now be more excited to consume the beverage of your choice. Several flavors can be incorporated in this to enhance the experience. Isn’t the marvelous world of mead wonderful? You can prepare one of your own too!