From its inception, Laiye has always been at the forefront of innovative automation solutions. Laiye has been able to rapidly expand and rival competitors who have dominated the intelligent automation market for a much longer period of time by building superior core technology and constantly looking for more innovative solutions. To date, Laiye has made many profound breakthroughs in various business scenarios by building end-to-end automation solutions.

Recently, Laiye officially announced the establishment of a new office in Hong Kong to expand its influence within the Hong Kong market. The strategic decision marks an important step for Laiye to continue developing its global influence and expanding its global business, as Hong Kong has always been a bridge between mainland China and the rest of the world. Hong Kong also serves as the international headquarters of many multinational and Chinese companies. “The establishment of the Hong Kong office reflects our commitment to the local community, and we will leverage the local enterprise software talent pool to lead our expansion in the RPA and intelligent automation markets,” said Guanchun Wang, Chairman and CEO of Laiye. Laiye’s Hong Kong office aims to promote Laiye’s products and services while solidifying a foundation for future expansion.

The landing of Laiye’s Hong Kong office is just the beginning for the company’s ambitions. As Laiye continues to build a world-class, all-comprehensive intelligent automation platform, Laiye is also focused on going global. Laiye is in the prime position for expansion into the global market, having already achieved excellent results working with partners in electricity, finance, retail, insurance, medical care, public utilities, government services, and more.

Laiye is committed to continue serving partners and customers in various industries through innovative solutions and plans to achieve the goal of “going up” while “going global ” in the future.